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Audio: Jeff Rense - CDC Commits to Study of Morgellons

This is a very important and disturbing interview Jeff Rense conducted with two people afflicted with Morgellons, Jan Smith and Cliff Mickelson.  As with most major issues these days, it falls to us ordinary citizens to find answers.  Virtually every U.S. government institution that has been set up to provide the tools and money necessary to adequately investigate things such as Morgellons disease have become nothing more than massive self-serving bureaucracies.  The Center For Disease Control (CDC) is no exception.  As noted in this interview, this organization spends millions on problems that affect very few people, and turn a blind eye to horrific afflictions like morgellons that shows every sign that it's a very real and growing infectious affliction that may already have found it's way into a large number in our population.

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Click here for an in-depth article by Jan Smith on Morgellons
complete with a ton of shocking photos.

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