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Reject Climate Change Bill As ‘Tyranny’

The one thing that is glaringly missing from most all the discussion going on about the Cap and Trade legislation is the fact that the entire premise it's all based on is a total, absolute FRAUD.  The whole premise that CO2 is a toxic waste, a pollutant that drives climate change is the largest fraud ever perpetrated on the people of this planet!  Please checkout our entire Global Warming/Climate Change Topic Section for a mountain of evidence to validate this fact.

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By David Edwards and Muriel Kane

Raw Story

A bill intended to limit greenhouse gas emissions and create clean energy jobs has come under fire from Republicans, who insist it would destroy jobs while raising the cost of energy for consumers. Some, like House Minority Leader John Boehner, have even taken to describing the legislation as a “tax.”

Few Republicans, however, would go as far as to describe the bill as “tyranny,” as Rep. Michele Bachmamn (R-MN) did when she spoke on the House floor Friday in support of an amendment offered by Rep. Randy Forbes (R-VA). Forbes’ plan would scrap the current bill entirely and replace it with a “New Manhattan project” to offer prizes for inventing more energy efficient technology.

Bachman began by citing figures apparently taken from the pro-business Club for Growth. “We know that this national energy tax will cost the American people two trillion dollars,” she insisted. “We know that. We know this will result in a lost of 2.5 million jobs.every year. We know that. We know this will result in a reduced standard of living for Americans. We know that.

At that point, Bachmann abruptly shifted gears from warnings of economic doom to threats of tyranny and totalitarianism. “But what is worse than this,” she continued, “is the fact that now, because of this underlying bill, the federal government will virtually have control over every aspect of lives for the American people.”

“It is time to stand up and say, ‘We get to choose,’” Bachman urged. “We choose liberty or we choose tyranny. It’s one of the two.”

“It’s our choice,” concluded Bachmann. “Will we choose liberty or we will choose tyranny?”

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Nightmare Cap and Trade Legislation

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Authored by: marsharks on Saturday, June 27 2009 @ 04:26 PM EDT

Choose Tyranny, or choose Liberty?  Choose not to vote, or choose to vote AGAINST the incumbent is really what this means.  You have a choice.

Authored by: BMcDonald on Saturday, June 27 2009 @ 04:57 PM EDT

Non-participation never solved anything.  Choosing not to vote is choosing not to participate and you leave your fate up to other people who will participate.  There are always plenty of people that will participate.  The only reason things have degenerated to the point they have is because most of us have declined to participate.  We've left it up to a bunch of criminals to shape the world around us.  Whenever you hear someone proclaim the answer is not to vote you tell them "when has ignoring a problem ever solved a problem?"

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