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Jurisdictionary - How To Win In Court Without A Lawyer!

Be a Winner!
  • Know how to win in court with easy-to-learn courtroom tactics.
  • Sample forms and research for pro se litigants without a lawyer.
  • Evidence rules, pleadings, objections, civil or criminal cases.
  • Any court, any case: foreclosure, credit card, divorce, and more.
  • Use the same case-winning tactics lawyers use to win in court.
  • #1 Weekend Law School Since 1997


I know how to win.

I've been a case-winning lawyer 28 years.

Let me show you how to win.

I promise to make it quick and easy.

Give me a single weekend to prove it to you.

You'll know how to win every kind of case:

  • State or Federal
  • Civil or Criminal

Foreclosure, credit card debt, family law, fraud, personal injury, contract disputes, malpractice, tax, probate, and much more ... step-by-step with forms.

Video classes, audio classes, in-depth topic classes, legal forms, flowcharts, diagrams, research tools, quizzes to check your progress, and common-sense tactics and strategies you will use to win in court.

Defeat crooked lawyers. Control corrupt judges.

Demand justice for yourself and your loved ones!

If you have a lawyer ... get what you're paying for.

If you don't ... know what YOU must do to win!

#1 Legal Self-Help since 1997



This course is based on official rules of court that control all judges and lawyers.

At the end of each class you'll be offered a short quiz to test your knowledge so you know you know what you need to know.

Juris Doctor CertificatePass the Final Exam with 'B' or better to receive your honorary Juris Doctor law degree from American Justice Foundation®. Frame and display your law degree with pride.

You will have confidence to challenge any opponent.

You will know "How to Win in Court".

  • 53 Video Classes
  • 25 Audio Classes
  • Forms and Examples
  • Legal Research Tools
  • Subscribers Forum
  • Summary Judgment Strategies
  • Affirmative Defenses
  • Courtroom Objections
  • How to Get Evidence from Opponents
  • How to Move the Court for Orders
  • How to Read Legal Documents
  • How to Cite Controlling Law
  • Legal Writing
  • Complaints & Other Pleadings
  • Causes of Action and their Elements
  • Appellate Procedure with Forms
  • Fundamentals of Trial Practice
  • How to Control Witnesses
  • Criminal Defense Tactics
  • Property Law
  • Contract Law
  • How to Collect Judgments
  • How to Hire a Lawyer
  • Common Law Maxims
  • Natural Law
  • Legal References
  • Interactive Quizzes
  • Final Exam
  • Honorary Law Degree
  • Automatic Affiliate Status
  • Add Another Year for Only $99


I ordered your materials on May 31st, and by June 28th the lawsuit against me was "Dismissed with Prejudice." Many thanks as I was clueless until I reviewed your videos and files.    ... Tracy

Your tutorials are fantastic!    ... Gail P.

I wish I'd had this program a year ago, and I probably would not be in the boat I am now.    ... R. Peppard

I just wanted to let you know that I won 4 motions in court yesterday. I wish I had had your tutorials a year ago, because I think this case would have settled already. I am trying to prepare a written record of the facts of the case, and I think by the time I'm done, I will prevail.    ... Linda T.

I am very happy that I placed the order. It is in simple terms and easy to understand. It’s wonderful and has already helped me. I am so glad I read your explanation of "complaint" before I filed it. One of the defendants wanted to settle immediately.    ... Lynnne Shelby

I really love the Jurisdictionary course I purchased.    ... J. Cox

Wow! A lot got unknotted through the use of simple language, for which I cannot thank you enough.    ... M. Bock.

Thank you for your tremendously valuable help to the common man.    ... Mark Moorehouse

I can't thank you enough for sharing the many wisdoms enclosed in your Jurisdictionary materials. They have helped me a great deal in understanding not only law but Justice as well. Thank you. You are a rare credit to the profession, and I want you to know you have an appreciative customer and fan.    ... Eddy Spencer

Useful. I highly recommend it.    ... The Alliance, Boynton Beach

A valuable public service.    ... University of Florida law professor.

A guide to the rules attorneys follow in civil lawsuits.    ... The Charlotte Observer

A simplified course in the basics.    ... Sun-Sentinel, Fort Lauderdale.

The prose is readable, flowing, and sometimes breathless.    ... Times Union, Albany, NY

A seemingly gargantuan project to reverse ill feelings and disconnect between the public and the legal community.    ... World Net Daily

Your page was chosen to be highlighted as Web-Star's What's Hot Now for Wednesday 7/22/98. Continued success for your superb site.    ... H. Barton, V.P., Web-Star

Your idea is exactly what this country needs, and we will get the word out! You are definitely on the right track.    ... Judy B.

I am an attorney. Impressive.    ... Eric Olsen

My wife and I just want to let you know that we are so grateful to have come across your tutorial Evidence Simplified. You did an excellent job. It is well written and very easy to understand. It is just wonderful! The way you explained the application of the rules was so effective that we as plaintiffs pro se came away empowered and with some good ammunition ready to apply with confidence for our upcoming motion hearing. We are energized and ready to fight for what's right and fair. We thank you for sharing your knowledge of the American Justice System the way you do. We definitely will tell all our friends about this found knowledge.    ... Arcenio A.

My compliments. The information and depth of knowledge are truly remarkable. You are doing a valuable public service.    ... M. Collins

What a great site! Thanks for helping all of us who study law.    ... N. Schumacher.

I want to thank the attorney for Jurisdictionary. In a law suit I filed in Superior Court about a probate matter, my attorney deliberately failed to do discovery, although the other side forged documents and lied. My principle law suit was in the Superior Court. But I was also a beneficiary in an open probate of a will whose co-executors were also the defendants in the Superior Court. By familiarizing myself on probate rules for discovery and using Jurisdictionary, I was able to file a motion for production of documents and got some of the documents which my attorney should have requested through discovery through the Superior Court. Thanks again.    ... Byron Miller

A great education on the basics. Thank you for all your hard work.    ... J. Lowry

Thank you for the excellent tutorials from Jurisdictionary. They've been a tremendous help in understanding what it's all about. I recommend them to friends interested in learning the principles of law and legal processes.    ... E. Johnson

Thank you for the great teachings. Truly inspiring.    ... L. Calejo

Just wanted to thank you for your site's help in understanding the boundaries, guidelines, and standards of law.    ... Bambi B.

Wonderful information presented in a light-hearted and very realistic way. Very helpful. I REALLY UNDERSTAND. Keep up the good work.    ... Patty

Thank you for the magnificent work you have done ... a true legacy of great value to posterity.    ... D. Wilson

I am very impressed with how it simplifies matters yet explains thoroughly - a great handbook for the fundamentals.    ... J.D. Wheeler

Wow! I wish I'd found this several weeks ago! Tremendously helpful!    ... DKH

The concept of 'The Rules' is great!    ... H. Taylor

What is most compelling is how simple it is. It really strikes me as 'self-evident', just as you say. I think you're onto something!    ... Douglas W.

I'm amazed by what I've read. Thank you for your simple explanations.    ... Carrie K.

Good Stuff! I'm still going through it, but it's helped a lot so far.    ... J.E. Dixon

Your writings on these topics are so straightforward, it's exhilarating to read them. Clearly this is from your heart via your head, with your full attention at both points. Excellent work.    ... Jamie J.

Thank you very much for your great work.    ... D. Wilson

I am so impressed with the simplicity. For us legal dummies your breakdown of terminology and attractive format are most appreciated. Thank you, thank you, thank you.    ... Alice S.

I enjoy your writings. Well thought. Well said.    ... D. Meador

Thanks. Jurisdictionary has increased my understanding several hundred fold.    ... V. Wright

I've been empowered by your unselfish outlay of civil procedure rules and principles. Thanks.    ... Barbara

The information is immensely helpful. Thank you.    ... Paulette H.

Great!    ... Joe & Cheryl B.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Jurisdictionary is wonderful!    ... Lena W.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you - for providing this valuable work. I refer to it often. It has helped me on many occasions to get a grasp of the litigation process and to increase my understanding of the use of strategies. Most importantly it has helped me stay centered when I drift off course.    ... J. Harvey

I am truly impressed. You have included some very helpful information. No one can afford to be ignorant about legalities these days. Keep up the good work. Thank you.    ... Melissa H.

I would like to thank you for making this material available to everyone seeking truth and justice. Thanks for teaching us to Lift the Lamp Higher!    ... H.R. Dal Dosso

I applaud your efforts. Best wishes.    ... R. Jark

I write to express my gratitude for the invaluable information and effort you give to make education available regarding justice.    ... Debra H.

Very appealing. Nice job.    ... Jerry M.

I'm learning as I go. Jurisdictionary has provided such a clear view of what lies ahead I cannot thank you enough. What can I do to help you continue to provide support and understanding?    ... J. Rice

Jurisdictionary is a very creative and refreshing idea. It's a great community service.    ... Betty P.

Great idea! I agree wholeheartedly with your mission.    ... Gino F.

Thank you for all you're doing. You're an inspiration!    ... May A.

You are to be commended for your work letting people know their rights.    ... S. Rize

Wonderful!    ... R. Williams

Great information!    ... L.B. Davidson

We are very thankful for the information. It gives us focus and information we have not been able to obtain anywhere. Thank you.    ... M. Czerniakowski

Thank you for the Jurisdictionary. It has certainly been helpful for me to be able to learn more about the judicial system.    ... D. Fletcher

I think you have a great idea and that it will grow.    ... Patricia M.

This is the kind of 'education' that will really help people.    ... Douglas

I will finish reading the Jurisdictionary. It is very intresting and worthy of my time.    ... Laurel

You are a great help!    ... A. Hunt

It is my sincere hope that your project gets the support it needs.    ... Debbie

Definitely gives me hope.    ... Jeff N.

I love your work.    ... Brent B.

Great idea!    ... Gino

I want to help spread the word!    ... Derby

Wish I had read your Jurisdictionary at 20 instead of at 40.    ... J. Roberts

Very helpful. Thank you!    ... Jerry

Please keep up the great work. I will pass the word. Outstanding.    ... M. Sinclair

I will do what I do best: spread the word to individuals in need. Like a chain letter, it may start out small, but it will do some very personal good to everyone it touches. Thank you!    ... Katherine B.

I will carry your message wherever I can. We are seeking justice.    ... R. Bibace

What you are doing is great! Keep it up. Ordinary citizens, like myself, should have an easy and inexpensive way to learn and understand the legal system to which we are required to conform.    ... Jeffrey E.

Jurisdictionary wisdom is pointing me in the right direction. Thanks.    ... Gail H.

A new tool that cracks the code of procedural rules that has been needed for years.    ... Hans K.

Empowering people by making legal recourse economically available can save lives.    ... Capt. S. Carr

I am energized. The maxims hit home with me.    ... Joe F.

Extremely helpful. You have helped me understand the need (and given the how-to) to focus my legal complaint. This is great information. I will be sure to let others know. Very understandable and informative. Great job.    ... Deborah L.

Jurisdictionary has helped me learn about the judicial system.    ... Dean F.

Salute! As a former journalist, I wish every major media organization would make the MAXIMS required reading!    ... Chuck

It has given me new hope that we will be able to obtain justice in the case that we are involved in at this time. Thank you.    ... W. Tomkinson

Thank you for giving me that little glimmer of hope that someone in the law does care about justice of the people and for the people.    ... M. Petersen

I am enjoying your work. After I spent an hour looking it over, I called a friend and got him to check it out. He is enjoying it now, too. Rest assured I will refer others.    ... D. Phillips

A job well done.    ... Richard

You are performing a great service! I wish there was a way to get this information to those who most desperately need it. I'll do my part by telling others.    ... Katherine

I believe everyone would benefit from it and appreciate knowing about it.    ... D. Phillips

I commend your goals.    ... Gene

What a wonderful happenstance I found this site.    ... P. Girardin

Thank you for the magnificent work you have done. A true legacy of great value to posterity.    ... D. Wilson

You are to be commended for your work in letting the people know what their individual rights are.    ... S.D. Rize

The ability to make people think in a positive way. Yes, we are on the same page.    ... T. Burns

As others have already noted ... great.    ... Al & Sandy M.

I would like to express my appreciation for the time and effort you expended. The information you provided was well organized and written. It really clarifies many of the intricacies of wading through the legal system for me. In fact, I intend to share it with my children. I know it will help many people.    ... B. Rosenthal

I wish to applaud your superb efforts. Congratulations! Thankfully someone has taken on this important initiative.    ... C.G. Rigney

I congratulate you on your efforts to make law more accessible.    ... Ron

Well written for lay people. It's not putting us lawyers out of work, fortunately. It might even help us.    ... Oktavia

Finally! I will never again find myself behind the legal 8-ball. Keep up the good work.    ... Ed

Thank you! Continued success with your fine resource.    ... Howard

Jurisdictionary is valuable for those in need of encouragement and advice in things of the legal system. I will pass the word. I've been thinking about having my 11 year old son check it out. He won't understand all of it, but some of it would make sense to him.    ... Michael H.

I was impressed.    ... Lindy

More power to you. We needed this.    ... Allen

Admirable.    ... Ralph

Excellent.    ... J. Kreimer

I am impressed!    ... Arthur

Thank you and God bless you!    ... S. Poindexter

I love your work.    ... Sheryl P.

Just the thing for many people needing to understand how the system works. Thanks.    ... Bob M.

You have an admirable mission. We hope you will succeed. Please add my name to your mailing list.    ... J.H. Guth, PhD

It's wonderful. Thank you for what must be a labor of love.    ... D. Brown

I would really like to take a moment of my time to extend a round of applause to Jurisdictionary. While driving to Miami, I noticed your billboard from the corner of my eye. It struck a chord with me. I was totally amazed about how little I actually know of my rights. I just want to thank you for helping me to be better informed as to how to handle situations that have caused disruption in my life from my ignorance of the system. I strongly believe the information I obtained from Jurisdictionary will enhance my chances in the future for better representation and understanding how to work the system in my favor. Sincerely.    ... M. Lewandowski

I'm really glad I purchased Jurisdictionary.    ... Capt. W. Brown

Jurisdictionary works! Went to court today and won as a pro se litigant against a silver tongued, high profile, powerful attorney. Even the other attorneys in the gallery were buzzing about it. Thanks for showing me how to win in court on facts rather than fighting on issues that don't work.    ... K. Anderson

Wow! I wish I'd found this several weeks ago! Tremendously helpful.    ... DKH

I'm amazed. Thank you for your simple explanations.    ... Carrie K.

Thank you for simplifying and reinforcing what I had to go to graduate and law school to learn.    ... L. Dixon

What student of the law would not love Jurisdictionary?    ... Michelle

If only I'd known this information 6 weeks sooner!    ... Bryan

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