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Why Don't You Support the GOOOH Campaign?

I decided to write this FAQ because I'm tired of having to individually respond to members of this group. 

I can't tell you how many times we've been contacted by GOOOH devotees appealing for us to embrace the GOOOH strategy and system because they say, “we are after the same thing, removing all of the incumbents.”  No matter what I say to members of this group it falls on deaf ears.  The only thing they want to hear me say is, “ SURE.  WE’LL GET ON BOARD WITH YOU GUYS!”  They are convinced this "amazing system" that Tim Cox developed to choose candidates is going to save us all. 

First of all, I would like to preface criticism by saying that we believe that anyone that is willing to get involved in saving our country is fighting the good fight.   If GOOOH inspires you, that’s all that’s important.  We all have to pick our fights and give it all we’ve got.  So that being said . . .

Why don’t we support you guys?

In a nutshell it’s because the KTAO strategy is absolutely the opposite of the GOOOH strategy.  If we embraced the GOOOH strategy, we would have to completely abandon ours.  From our perspective, the GOOOH effort is no different than any other effort that attempts to choose “good candidates” and get them on the ballots and hopefully get them elected.  Like just about every other group out there, GOOOH’s efforts are to get their into office.

Our goal however is totally opposite.  Our goal is to get “bad people out.”  Now I know that may seem to be the same goal, and it is to a degree.  The difference is with regards to who replaces incumbents.  You guys think it’s matters.  We don’t.  We don’t care who replaces incumbents.  All we care about is that they are replaced.  In order for that to happen, someone other than the incumbent must get WAY more votes and actually beat the incumbents by a landslide (to defeat any vote tampering).   So our strategy is to identify whoever the strongest challenger to the incumbent is in every race and convince people to throw all their money, support and votes to them, even if they can’t stand them either. 

Why doesn’t it matter who replaces incumbents?

Folks don’t realize it doesn’t matter who replaces them.  I’ve said it a billion times over the years.  We have to look at the Congress as your business.  If you discovered your employees were lying to you, wouldn’t listen to you, weren’t doing their jobs and in fact were working with your competition to run you out of business, what would you do? You’d fire their asses in a dead second.  You wouldn’t worry about who’s going to replace them.  In fact, firing the whole bunch give a big heads-up to any new employees who will know you won’t put up with that crap.  If they do the same, their hat will be unceremoniously handed to them.  Until we hold those in their now accountable in the only way we can, by removing them en mass, we will never be taken seriously.

It’s really that simple.  So we just say, everyone has to identity the strongest challenger to their incumbents and throw all your money and votes at them, even if you can’t stand them either.  Fact is, the only way incumbents will be removed is if someone else gets WAY more votes (to defeat any vote tampering).  There’s no way around that.  Someone else must get more votes.  That isn’t likely to happen en mass unless we all embrace the KTAO voting strategy.   Far too many think it’s about getting someone “special” into office and nobody can ever agree on who those special people should be.  I am still stunned how many still believe Obama is a good guy.  That says it all right there.

The only "quick" way around this dilemma is to convince people to drop political identities, for just one election cycle, to become political atheists, totally dispassionate.  We are attempting to convince people to look at elections as a purely utilitarian act necessary to remove incumbents.  Nothing more.  This is something that could be done quickly.  It's not some "process."  It's just common sense. 

I know you GOOOIES believe it's not true that you can't get people to agree on who a good person is.  I know you believe Tim Cox has the magic formula, but fact is, there's no way the entire country is going to embrace GOOOH anytime soon.  Right here and right now, the vast majority have no interest or knowledge of GOOOH and elections will proceed as they always have in their same old totally corrupt fashion. 

We no longer have the luxury of time folks!   GOOOH is simply not a solution that's going to make any difference any time soon.  Maybe some day, but certainly not this election cycle or the next, or the next.

We need to do something extreme NOW!  We must hold Congress critters accountable NOW.  We don't have time to waste on the dream of "getting good people into office."   We do have time to simply ruthlessly and dispassionately vote for whoever the strongest challenger is to every incumbent, regardless of who they are, regardless if you can't stand the challenger either. 

Fact is, if incumbents are removed en mass, whoever replaces them will know the jig is up.  Whoever replaces the incumbents will know we will do the exact same thing to them next time round.  Everyone will know the rules have changed, that the party is over.  It will no longer be a given that once you're in, you stay in if you play ball with those in real control.  But we MUST remove them en mass, NOW.

We've never done that.  We've never held the entire Congress accountable in the only way that we can, by removing them from office.  ALL OF THEM.  Until we do, nothing is going to change in any substantial way.

So we do not endorse GOOOH because their approach is totally and completely counter productive to our approach.  Again, GOOOH wants to get "good people into office," we want to get "bad people out."  From my experience, it's totally and completely impossible to get any GOOOH devotee to even acknowledge the difference.  The only way to them is the GOOOY way.

So if you are a GOOOH fanatic, God bless you.  Have fun.  Just spread the word that the KTAO Project will not be signing onto GOOOH, ever.  

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