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The Kick Them All Out Project


Why Do You Have So Many Ads On This Site?

It's always amazing when people complain about advertising on web sites like this.  Some people seem to believe it can't be a genuine effort if there's any sign money is being solicited to fund the project.  Seriously, what makes people think we are supposed to do everything for free?  What makes people think it's possible to make anything happen without any funding whatsoever?  That view is beyond unrealistic.

We are up against people who literally have unlimited resources, unlimited wealth and power, which is why they have accomplished all that they have accomplished to destroy our country.  It is not possible to mount a serious national campaign against the powers-that-be with no funding. 

As it stands now, the advertising on this web site does not generate very much revenue.  We have no staff to speak of because of the lack of funding.  So . . . if you think this project is a good idea, help fund the idea so we can actually bring in enough revenue to hire a staff and mount a powerful national campaign.  Such a thing is not possible without adequate funding.

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