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Video: Campaign "Let's Do It!"

This is an example of how life should and can be.  Our society has been socially conditioned to look to the government to solve all our problems . . . but we've seen all too often that the government can't do anything effectively or efficiently.  Government is primarily a wastefull, useless  and corrupt burden on all of us.  

We MUST shake off all the social conditioning and learn that we can make the world to be any way that we wish.  WE can solve any problem, no matter how big, if we all step up to the plate and take responsibility ourselves.   An incredible example of what is possible was done in the country of Estonia with it's "Let's Do It" campaign.

Campaign "Let's Do It!" - was a grassroot initiative to clean up the country from illegal waste in just one day. There was over 10 000 tons of illegal waste lying around all over Estonia and it was an outrageous plan -- to clean it all up on one day! More than 600 volunteers were working to make it all happen with only 3 full-time employees. On May 3, 2008 with help of 50 000 volunteers more than 10 000 tons of garbage gathered and Estonia was cleaned up from illegal waste.

Now if we could just get Americans to realize all the TRASH in our government could be cleaned out in one day, election day, 2010, we'd really be getting somewhere!

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