Tuesday, June 18 2019 @ 11:52 AM EDT  
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Video: Nuclear Duck?

Editors Note:  This is one of the most ridiculous speeches I've ever heard this bone head war monger spew.  Why the hell do we even give this moron air time? 

I'm so happy someone made this great little music video to emphasize even more how idiotic this so-called "leader" is.

Nuclear Duck - Bibi Netanyahu‬

Here's Netanyahu's BRILLIANT SPEECH that is oh so unbelievably compelling.  Lets not forget that While he's spewing this nonsense, Israel has HUNDREDS of nukes, Israel IS currently attacking all their neighbors and Israel has said, on numerous occasions that they would use their nukes. Isreal is the single largest menace on the face of the friggin earth!

This asshole twists the original and honest meaning of "never again," which originally meant that the Jews would always be the first to speak out and stand up against tyranny and against discrimination.  What this asshole is doing is exactly what the Nazis did.  He is a disgrace. An absolute tyrannical disgrace!

‪Nuclear Duck Netanyahu's Speech to AIPAC in 2012‬

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