Tuesday, June 18 2019 @ 11:42 AM EDT  
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Video: Think The News Isn't Censored? THINK AGAIN!

This is one of the most obvious examples of media censorship I've ever seen. Since this was a "live" broadcast, it seems they chose this solider because he seemed like a safe choice given his huge "Never Forget 9-11" tattoo on his neck, which or course they went out of their way to highlight. Low-and-behold however, Corporal Jesse Thorsen actually has a mind of his own and started speaking the truth about these never ending illegal wars of aggression and how dangerous our overly militaristic foreign policy really is.

WE CAN'T HAVE THAT!!! So magically the technology fails.

Interestingly Jesse gets out two very goods points despite the attempt at censoring him. He says it's more dangerous to pick fights with all these countries, like Iran, and amazingly, he gets in the fact that Israel is more than capable of defending itself! HA!! You don't ever hear that on main-stream-media. Israel has well over 200 nukes. Who the hell is going to attack them?! They have demonstrated how ruthless they are so many times it's beyond belief that anyone believes Israel is in some kind of mortal danger.

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