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The Kick Them All Out Project


Why Aren't You Set Up As A Tax Exempt Non-Profit?

We decided not to set up this project as a tax exempt 501-c3, non-profit primarily because if we did, we would be extremely limited in what we could and couldn't say in order to retain a tax exempt status.  The truth of the matter is, the criminals running things established this scam in order to shut a lot of people up. It's sole purpose was to create a way to limit free speech.  What better way than to do it through a special interest financial perk.  Give up your first amendment rights and we'll not tax the crap out of you.   In one fell swoop, they silenced and controlled virtually every pulpit in the country and a host of others.  I personally know of a church where the pastor is deathly afraid of saying anything political because he will loose his tax exempt status.  It's nuts!  He has been visited by government officials in order to let him know they are watching.

So we say it's not worth it.  Yes, it would be nice if people could deduct their contributions, but it's just not worth the price.  This whole project is about protecting and defending the liberties and freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution.   We believe it's better to simply pay the taxes.  We pay to play!  And we can say whatever the heck we need to say.  This isn't about saving money.  It's about saving our country!

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