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The Kick Them All Out Project

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Authored by: FPL007BOB on Saturday, December 24 2011 @ 08:51 PM EST

All Senator and Representative must write ALL LAWS, BILLS, Draft and ADMENDMENTS them selves not their staff, assistants, lawyers, lobbyists and or any other political action group.

NO LAW and or BILL or draft there of in its entirety including all ADMENDMENTS to which can not be longer and require more pages and or words than was needed by Our Founding Fathers when they wrote The Constitution of The United States. That means not to exceed Four (4) pages.

Any final BILL or Draft must be made available to the American public to read and review in its entirety for a minimum 120 hours (five days) before the final vote of the U.S. House or Senate.

ALL LAWS, BILLS, and ADMENDMENTS must be written in the common plain English language. NO POLITICIAN’S RHETORIC, LAWYER SPEEK A.K.A.
LEGALESE. (The specialized language of the legal profession.)

AMEND THE U.S. Constitution

Amend Article one, Section six of the U.S. Constitution so that the annual total compensation (including all types of benefits) of Senators and Representatives shall not exceed that of the average annual taxable income of the Average tax paying American citizen as determined by the I.R.S. In addition this compensation cannot be subject to any type of I.R.S. tax deduction. Finally the total annual retirement and benefits of Senators and Representatives cannot exceed the average taxable annual income of the average American Citizen.

Term Changes and Limits: Senators will serve a four-year term with a limit of two terms or a total of eight years. Representatives shall serve a three years term with a limit of three (03) terms or a total of nine (09) years maximum. In addition, a Representative cannot be elected or appointed to serve as a Senator and conversely a Senator cannot be elected or appointed to serve as a Representative.

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