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Authored by: vladimirval on Thursday, July 02 2009 @ 01:12 PM EDT

Bit by Bit Government is Encroaching on our Liberties


The leadership of Pelosi and Reid following along with the administration is setting the scene for even more future control of our lives.  The latest bill calls for controls that will be implemented by government agencies, more and more of witch are being controlled by czars reporting directly to the president.  Has anyone contemplated the ramifications of this?


This bill allows the EPA to mandate retrofits to houses built now to comply with their whims years in the future.  Before you can sell your house you will have to pass rigorous inspections.  Talk is about having your house photographed with infrared cameras to gauge the amount of heat released by your house, a pressure test to measure the weather stripping effectiveness, and even the efficiency of electrical and water usage.  The talk around the EPA is that they want you to have your thermostats connected to your power source so they (not you) can control the settings.  When that is put into practice you would not be able to sell your house, condo, or apartment building with the government controlling  how much you can cool your home in the summer or heat it in the winter.  A home owner would be required to make retrofits that will cost tens of thousands of dollars.  However if you are connected with a government official you might be able to get a waiver.  You know, just like the car dealer that got a senator to get him a reprieve form being shut down like the hundreds of other Chrysler and GM dealers across the country. 


This country is looking more and more like a third world banana republic with all the corruption that goes along with those countries where a privileged few prosper and the rest of the population suffers.


It looks like another major change in our country is in the works.  Democrats have been working on repealing the 22nd Amendment.  A resolution, H.J. Res. 5, was introduced into committee on January 6, 2009 which seeks to repeal the 22nd Amendment to the Constitution, thus removing term limits for U.S. presidents.  Yes, you read it right. Democrat Representative Jose Serrano of New York wishes to allow unlimited terms for President Obama.  It is easy to tell where Obama stands on this issue.  Last week the Honduran Supreme Court ruled that President Manuel Zelaya’s attempt to become president for life in the style of Hugo Chavez was illegal.  On that ruling the Honduran Military removed him from office and sent him to exile.  Our President Obama must think that being president for life is a good think since he sided with the ousted “Chavez wana be” Zelaya and demanded that Honduras government re-instate Zelaya as president.  He even abruptly end joint military maneuvers with Honduras. 


According to an AP report, Obama stated, "We believe that the coup was not legal and that President Zelaya remains the democratically elected president there. It would be a terrible precedent if we start moving backwards into the era in which we are seeing military coups as a means of political transition rather than democratic elections," he added. "The region has made enormous progress over the last 20 years in establishing democratic traditions. ... We don't want to go back to a dark past."  This was not a coup.  The military is adhering to the laws of their country.


What’s he afraid of? Why would Obama side with a tyrant rather than the people of Honduras? Could this “precedent” be a threat to his future plans?


Fellow Americans, the actions of our government is moving us towards a National Socialist Dictatorship.  There is no time to lose.  Mobilize your grass roots volunteers to thoroughly vet new candidates and then work the phone banks, walk the precincts, and donate as much as you can to elect representatives who want to preserve our Republic as intended by our founders.

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