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The Kick Them All Out Project

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Authored by: DonJ on Tuesday, October 19 2010 @ 04:18 PM EDT

This quote from you should be posted all over the county.
"So, our plan is to do the exact same thing that the S.O.B.'s ruining our nation did, and, in the exact same order. First, we take back control of our Congress. We do this by imposing our undeniable will on Congress in the upcoming election by Kicking Them All Out! We FIRE them! Then we simply demand that the new Freshman Congress permanently revoke human rights protections for corporations. Once we do that, we make it illegal for corporations to interfere in government and then we can legally kick out the bulk of the lobbyists. Then we won't have corporate wealth and power standing in the way when we take the next crucial step, shutting down the FED. This will effectively dry up the private banker's ability to create unlimited wealth and their ability to control the entire economy through the power to issue currency and credit. Then we end the fraud of Fractional Reserve Banking, which has allowed bankers to literally counterfeit unlimited amounts of money and lend it out at interest."

It's the heart of our problem, vote them all out. Hawaii is the worst
and they will be removed.

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