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The Kick Them All Out Project

Fire Congress Song Written to the Tune of Jingle Bells

Written by Deb,
organizer of the Missouri SHOW ME or Fire Congress Meetup Group

Sung to the tune "Jingle Bells"

And Sung by Dylan (9 years old)

Operation Pink Slip Mail-In Campaign - Let Congress Know What's In Store For THEM For A Change!

Call To All Americans that are SICK TO DEATH of all the corruption infesting our government, to participate in the Fire Congress "Pink Slip Mail-in Campaign."

Click on image above or this link to
download a PDF copy to print out on bright pink paper.

To find the address of your reps so you can mail them
their PINK SLIP  Visit This Web Site

Operation Pink Slip Street Action For We Are Changers and And Any Other Research Group

Call To All We Are Change Groups (and any other protest groups) to Add  The Fire Congress "Pink Slip Service Campaign" to your efforts.

Click on image to download a copy to print out on bright pink paper.

Lt. Morrisseau: A Simple and Potent Mechanism At Our Fingertips

All we need to do is DECIDE to do this thing [FIRE CONGRESS] and we already have the means to easily do it.

We can easily rid ourselves of every incumbent running for reelection to Congress [i.e. Fire them all] via this simple technique:    DECIDE to Vote the Bastards Out, then convince all our friends and relatives to do the same (massively via this tool in our hands).  ..You do it to your circle....each of them does it to each of their circles....each of those folks continue the chain....

Audio: Mike Rivero's What Really Happened GCN Radio Interview on July 5th 2008

This is the July 5th Interview with Mike Rivero on his "What Really Happened GCN Radio network show.  This is a very good 32 minute interview with Rick Lux and Bruce McDonald and highlights many of the most important reasons for why we have to get very serious about taking control of our Congress away from the private special interests that control it now and why we must DO IT NOW!!

Video: June 2008 Out There TV Interview with KTAO Founder Bruce McDonald

This is the June 2008 Interview on Out There TV with KTAO Project founder Bruce McDonald.  The commercials have been removed so it runs about 32 minutes.

KTAO Project State Coordinators

The following is a list of all our state coordinators and contact info.   Since this campaign is about as grass roots as you can get, we don't really have any strict organizational structure.  It's really going to fall to each one of us to spread the word and get this campaign into the hearts and minds of as many voters as possible.  Our game plan can be found in our project summaries. 

At this stage the first step must be accomplished first.  FIRE CONGRESS.  Vote out incumbents.  Vote for the strongest competitor of the incumbent to increase the odds of them being BOOTED.  By simply reading all the summaries and the FAQs, you should be able to present a compelling picture of why we MUST do this in November.

Please understand that all the state coordinators are volunteers.  They do not get paid for doing what they are doing to help organize this effort.   So please be respectful and considerate when contacting them.  We all should be very thankful they are stepping up to the plate.

State Coordinator Registration

Thank you for stepping up to become the contact person in your state to help people find what they need and where they need to go to help make the Kick Them All Out Project and Fire Congress Campaign a success.

Campaign Material Store

This campaign is your typical citizen operation. I have no funding and no staff.  All of the work that has gone into this web site and this campaign for the last three years has been done in my spare time, often at the expense of my paying work in order to devote more time to this.  

But know it's really starting to take off and I need your support in order to keep up with it all and to manage the growing demands that are being put on me and my resources.   One way to do that is to purchase campaign materials that you can use to spread the word and convince your friends and neighbors to commit to this powerful action in the upcoming election.

Audio: May 2008 RBN Kevin Barrett Interiew with Bruce McDonald

This is a May 24th Interview conducted by Kevin Barrett with the KTAO Project founder Bruce McDonald.  Runs about an hour with commercial breaks.

Dr. Kevin Barrett, notable 9/11 truth activist and slayer-of-Hannity, has taught Arabic, Religious Studies, English, French, Folklore, Humanities, American Civilization, African Literature, and other subjects at colleges and universities in Wisconsin, Paris, and the San Francisco Bay area. He is an editor and contributor to 9/11 and Empire v.2: Christians, Jews and Muslims Speak Out,author of Truth Jihad: My Epic Struggle Against the 9/11 Big Lie, and?co-founder and director of the Muslim-Jewish-Christian Alliance for 9/11 Truth.

Kevin is also running for Congress on "The Kick Them All Out Platform!"   He's one of the first candidates that has recognized the power of this project to unseat incumbents.  If every candidate incorporated the KTAO project platform as part of their campaign against the incumbents, the odds of victory would go up considerably.
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