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The Kick Them All Out Project

Members Available For Speaking To Your Organization

The most incredible thing about The Kick Them All Out Project and the Fire Congress Campaign is the fact that it's the missing piece for almost every progressive movement in existence.   The key to advancing any positive change is to create a Congress composed of people that are actually interested in positive change. 

Right now, most all attempts to effect meaningful changes are met with total opposition, or massive amounts of stonewalling simply because the people in power don't want anything to change. And since the people currently in our Congress serve the interests of those that guarantee they get reelected, the powerful special interest groups, the last thing they are going to do is support anything coming from our side of the equation.

Audio: May 2008 Take Back Washington Radio Interview with KTAO Founder

This is a May 18th Interview conducted by William Lewis with the KTAO Project founder Bruce McDonald.  William Lewis produced the new film "Washington You're Fired" so needless to say, we're both on the same page as to what we all need to do in order to "really" take our government back.  Anything short of voting them out of office is nothing more than a threat to vote them out of office.  In this interview Bruce makes the case for why we absolutely need to stop playing games, especially "their" game and play by a whole new set of rules that allow us to come out on top for a change.

The Creed of Freedom - G. Edward Griffin

Before we can truly "take back our government, we have to understand exactly what it is that we are taking back, how it's supposed to function, and what we need to eliminate from the bloated, corrupt criminal operation that it's become.  We all need to completely understand this creed that Mr. Griffin has written if we are ever going to bring about truly meaningful change.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

By G. Edward Griffin

There is nothing more common in history than for oppressed people to rise up against their masters and, at great cost in treasure and blood, throw off the old regime, only to discover that they have replaced it with one that is just as bad or worse. That is because it is easy to know what we dislike about a political system but not so easy to agree on what would be better. For most of history, it has been the habit of men to focus on personalities rather than principles. They have thought that the problem was with the man who rules, not with the system that sustains him. So, they merely replace one despot for another, thinking that, somehow, the new one will be more wise and benevolent. Even if the new ruler has good intentions, he may be corrupted by the temptations of power; and, in those rare cases where he is not, he eventually is replaced by another who is not as self-restrained. As long as the system allows it, it is just a matter of time before a new despot will rise to power. To prevent that from happening, it is necessary to focus on the system itself, not on personalities. To do that, it is just as important to know what we are for as it is to know what we are against.

Video: Washington You're Fired

Please support this project and the filmmaker
by purchasing a copy of this film

“WASHINGTON, YOU’RE FIRED!” was born out of sheer frustration with abuses in our current political system and it gives a voice to Americans across the country.

From the mismanagement of Hurricane Katrina rescue efforts and law enforcement abuses to the wrongful imprisonment and torturing of legal enemy combatants and misuse of the FBI and NSA -- nothing is taboo in this disturbing look at the last seven years of fundamentally flawed terror-related spy bills, how they affect you, and what you can do about it.

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stop political corruption by voting out incumbents in the upcoming election

Video: Trailer for the Film "Washington You're Fired"

No Matter What Incumbents Say To Con You Into Voting For Them Yet Again, We're In The Mess We're In Because . . .


In the last election 85% of the people in Congress got to keep their $14,108 a month jobs (which includes a $4,100 raise they just gave themselves!) despite the fact that it was the worst, do-nothing Congress in history and the bulk of them were responsible for authorizing the wars we're in and everything else that has massively eroded our standard of living, security and of course our liberties and freedoms since 9-11. They ALL took an oath to defend and protect the Constitution and our Bill of Rights.  They did not take an oath to defend and protect their political party and the interests of transnational corporations and cartels. 

What would you do If you owned a company and none of your employees listened to you, they lied to you, didn't do the jobs you gave them to do, and in fact, were actually working for your competition and selling your company down the river as fast as they could?  I don't think you'd keep them on and give them a raise!

Well, that's exactly what we've been doing, only in this case, your company is our Federal Government, and your employees are the 435 members in the House of Representatives and the 100 members of the Senate, virtually all of them working for the transnational corporations (the competition) and they are engaged in a massive hostile takeover of our government on every level.

Video: Lt. Morrisseau On The Essential Problem We All Face

In this video segment Lt. Dennis Morrisseau sums up the essential problem we face with regards to our government and what is happening to our country.

Please Help Make This Project Become A Reality By Becoming A Supporting Member

We all know nothing much happens without significant funding behind it.  The maniacs in control of our government literally have unlimited wealth at their disposal.  If we are ever going to take control of our government away from them, we must have your financial support in order to reach and convince the millions of people we need reach to do what needs to be done.  It's a monumental task, but not an impossible one if we have the funding necessary to do it.  No other campaign is targeting our only direct means of holding members of Congress accountable for what they've done.  The only Constitutional means we have to achieve this is to remove them from office. It's the only way we can make them pay a price for their betrayals.

We believe a little from many is all it will take to accomplish our mission of cleaning house in Congress.  We can accomplish a great deal with a fairly modest budget.

The KTAO Project is Now Officially A Non-Profit Endeavor

After roughly 2.5 years of hard work, this project is finally starting to gain recognition as our only viable option if we ever hope to take back America.  Because of this, we need to take this project to the next level so we've now established The Kick Them All Out Project as a Colorado Non-Profit Corporation.  We are still not going to file to become a tax exempt non-profit organization because we simply don't want to be subject to the massive amount of censoring that goes on because of that status.   Most people still don't realize that's why government cooked up the whole tax exempt scheme to begin with. 

So your donations to the KTAO Project will not be tax deductible. 
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