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Hidden Carbon Tax Provisions in Paulson’s Bailout 2.0

The Congress is totally and utterly corrupt.  PERIOD.  It is nothing but the enforcement arm for transnational corporate interests, with international bankers dead center pulling all the strings.  One of the most diabolical things they are up to is based in the fraud that CO2 is causing global warming with the sole aim of  micromanaging every area of our lives through managing our carbon footprints.  Central to this scheme is a vast array of Carbon taxing schemes which, oh look, they have snuck into the Financial Bailout Bill!!

The reasons the haves and the have mores have more is because they have seized control of our government and are using it to make every crime they wish to commit legal.  WE MUST take control of our government away from them NOW by first voting out all their accomplices in Congress!

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Why is the mainstream media ignoring what might be the most earth-shattering provisions in Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson’s Bailout Package Version 2.0?

If you look at page 180 of the 451-page monster bailout bill that easily passed the Senate yesterday (PDF here), you will see that it includes at Section 116 language about the tax treatment of “industrial source carbon dioxide.” It also provides, at Section 117, for a “carbon audit of the tax code.”

What could a provision about the tax treatment of “industrial source carbon dioxide” and another provision about doing a “carbon audit” of the tax code possibly have to do with restoring confidence in Wall Street’s troubled credit markets?

The answer: NOTHING.

This appears to be an attempt by global warming fanatics to lay the foundation for an economy-killing carbon tax just like the “cap-and-tax” system that is now destroying European industry.

If you think the Mother of All Bailouts is bad, just wait till you see the carbon tax. Get ready to reduce your standard of living drastically.

Maurice Strong, Al Gore: Creators of Carbon Credit Scheme Cashing In On It

By Judi McLeod

There's an elephant in global warming's living room that few in the mainstream media want to talk about: the creators of the carbon credit scheme are the ones cashing in on it.

The two cherub like choirboys singing loudest in the Holier Than Thou Global Warming Cathedral are Maurice Strong and Al Gore.

This duo has done more than anyone else to advance the alarmism of man-made global warming.

With little media monitoring, both Strong and Gore are cashing in on the lucrative cottage industry known as man-made global warming.

Video: Al Gore Is A Self-Serving LIAR

When considering a huge issue like giving the government a mandate to "manage the global climate," when they have never proven competent to manage anything properly, it's crucial to take the time to evaluate the trustworthiness of the people selling you on the idea.

We can no longer assume we are being told the truth about anything, especially when fear mongering is being used as a primary tool of persuasion.  Managing the global climate, even if it were possible, means massive expansion of a government that is already far too big and massive new taxes on top of all the taxes every level of government already imposes on us.  IT'S INSANE PEOPLE!!

We must look deeper.  And we must also remember that good liars are very good at appearing not to be lying.

Global Warming Bill Would Inflict New Great Depression

Well folks, here it is.  You finally see what all the global warming is all about.  All the hysteria, all the fear mongering, all the hype, all the LIES have been for one purpose and one purpose only.  To impose more taxes, more restrictions, more controls of every kind on you by the government!

We do not have a representative government!  PERIOD.  The people running our government CAN'T BE TRUSTED.  They are quite simply lying s.o.b.s.  Everything they do is designed to advance a global government agenda and they use fear and intimidation to accomplish it.  Now we have CLIMATE SECURITY!  Come on.  Are we really that friggin stupid?  Everything is a war.  Everything is about security that and security that.  Like our government can control the friggin climate for crying out loud.  What in the hell have they been able to do except tax us dry, erode our liberties and freedoms and destroy our economy and industrial base?  Anybody remember Katrian!!  This bill is INSANE just like all the rest of the nonsense they are cramming down our throats.

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Lieberman-Warner legislation
would slash 6.9 percent GDP off U.S. economy

By Paul Joseph Watson

A new bill aimed at combating global warming currently being considered by the Senate would, if passed, inflict a new great depression on America by reducing GDP by 6.9 percent - a figure comparable with the economic meltdown of 1929 and 1930.

The shocking consequences of the Lieberman-Warner legislation, known as America's Climate Security Act, were revealed by the Environmental Protection Agency's economic analysis of the bill this week, which forecast a whopping $2.9 trillion would be shaved off the economy by the year 2050.

In comparison, despite the fact that America is teetering on the brink of a recession or is already in one according to many experts, GDP still increased by 0.7 percent in 2007. Imagine what effect a -6.9 percent swing would have - an economy ten times worse than it is now.
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Over 100 Prominent Scientists Challenge UN Move For Global Carbon Tax

Experts dismiss agenda as "futile," bureaucratic scheme that will increase human suffering

By Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet - Friday, December 14, 2007

The UN has officially announced what the fearmongering about man-made global warming has been designed to justify all along - a global carbon tax which will do nothing to reduce carbon emissions but everything to feed the trough of world government. Over one hundred prominent scientists signed a letter dismissing the move as a futile bureaucratic scheme which will diminish prosperity and increase human suffering.
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