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The Kick Them All Out Project

Giving Corporations An Outsized Voice In Elections

Voters stand to lose out if the Supreme Court treats political spending by businesses and other big-money players as protected speech.

By Monica Youn
LA Times

Corporations are pitching a bizarre product -- a radical vision of the 1st Amendment. It would give corporations rather than voters a central role in our electoral process by treating corporate political spending as protected speech. If this vision becomes reality, businesses and other big-money players will spend billions either hyping their preferred candidates or running attack ads against elected officials who don't support their preferred agenda. Voters will be forced into a couch-potato role, mere viewers of the electoral spectacle bought and paid for by wealthy companies.

The Supreme Court's decision in the hotly anticipated campaign finance reform case Citizens United vs. Federal Election Commission -- which may be announced as early as Tuesday -- will show whether a majority of the Roberts court is buying their argument.

The case may be the turning point in a concerted, decades-long ideological campaign -- the "corporate free speech movement," as Robert L. Kerr and other scholars have chronicled. As far back as 1971, Lewis F. Powell Jr. (whom President Nixon would shortly nominate to the Supreme Court) sent a confidential memorandum to his friend Eugene Sydnor Jr. at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce arguing that corporate interests needed to take advantage of a "neglected opportunity in the courts." Because "the judiciary may be the most important instrument for social, economic and political change," the memo said, the chamber and other corporate interests should develop a cadre of constitutional lawyers to file lawsuits and amicus briefs to push a corporate-friendly legal agenda in the Supreme Court.

Why Is Just Producing A Birth Certificate So Difficult?

By Jim Walker

Many people are convinced that Barack Hussein Obama, the current president of the United States was not born in the United States and thus not eligible to be president of the United States.  I am not one of those people!

I am confused however why this should even be an issue.  I signed up for social security recently and a certified original birth certificate was required for this purpose.  Even though I was long in the tooth, Cabell County, West Virginia had no problem sending me a certified original birth certificate in less than a week for this purpose. To play sports as youths it was necessary for me to send off to the counties of their birth a request for a certified original birth certificate for my two children.  Hamilton County, Ohio and Collin Country, Texas had no problem sending me these documents for a fee.

Dobbs: Middle Class Needs To Fight Back Now

This article was written by Lou Dobbs back in October of 2006 and is as relevant today as it was back then.  As usual however, Lou utterly fails to point out what exactly the American people can do to fight back.   I am utterly amazed at how you can't find one brilliant pundit in the MSM that will have the guts to say what needs to be said.  They must all be threaten with death or something.  We have ONE way to hold our government representatives accountable.   We have only ONE way to fight back.  WE REMOVE THEM FROM OFFICE!

* * * * * * * * * * *

By Lou Dobbs

I don't know about you, but I can't take seriously anyone who takes either the Republican Party or Democratic Party seriously -- in part because neither party takes you and me seriously; in part because both are bought and paid for by corporate America and special interests. And neither party gives a damn about the middle class.

Our country's middle class is not just collateral damage in what has become all-out class warfare. Political, business and academic elites are waging an outright war on working men and women and their families, and there is no chance the American middle class will survive this assault if the dominant forces unleashed over the past five years continue unchecked.

Grand Juries Cite Obama for Ineligibility, Treason - Hundreds of 'Presentments' Being Handed To Prosecutors

By Bob Unruh

Hundreds of "presentments" – or accusations assembled by citizen grand juries – are scheduled to be given to courts, sheriffs, prosecutors, judges and legislators across the United States by July 4 alleging that Barack Obama is ineligible to be president and his occupancy in the Oval Office constitutes treason.

The accusations are being assembled by the citizen grand juries that have been meeting in recent weeks around the country. One organization, American Grand Jury, now has posted an online procedure that provides a step-by-step instruction manual for those who are concerned about Obama.

American Grand Jury Editor Bob Campbell's site includes information on the history of grand juries, their powers, rules, evidence, forms, etiquette and how to file the resulting claims.

Voters Replace All Incumbents On Ballot!

Altus Times

The voters of Jackson County spoke loud and clear Tuesday by replacing all Altus City Council incumbents on Tuesday’s ballot.

Three of the four challengers took their seats by a great margin. In Ward 1, challenger Rick Henry defeated incumbent David Webb with 65 percent of the votes, or 1,389 to 744. In Ward II, Scot Simco took his seat with a 78 percent margin over Bob Beers. The total was Simco 1,650 and Beers 477. In Ward IV, Jack Smiley took incumbent Dean Garrett’s seat with a 59 percent of the votes. There were three people vying for the Ward IV seat, Smiley with 1,264, Garrett with 289, and June Knight with 396 votes.

Although it was a much closer race, the challenger for the Ward III race, Perry Shelton, won the seat with 51 percent to incumbent Don Jouett’s 49 percent.

The four new councilmen will join holdovers Peggy Risinger, Don Johnson, Sid Willis and David Brown.

In other county elections, Debbie Dunn won re-election on the Martha Town Board of Trustees, defeating Kathryn Galle 14-11.

In Duke, voters turned down a proposition to make the post of Town Clerk-Treasurer appointive rather than elective. It failed 20-19. Duke did not have a trustee race.

Video: Vote The Bastards Out by Flashmob

Melbourne Choral Flashmob urges “Vote the Bastards Out”

Members of several choirs decided to create a choral flash mob across several parts of the city to encourage people to Vote the Bastards out just before the Australian Federal Election.

By the time they were ready to perform at 5.30pm, the choir had doubled its size and the audience in the peak hour was about 300-400 people. A great sound for something that was rehearsed twice.

Voting the bastards out is the obvious course of action when representative no longer represent the people.  We need to do more than just sing about it.  WE NEED TO ACTUALLY DO IT!!  All over the world.  In every election.   We have to exercise our power to hold our government representatives accountable by the only direct, peaceful means available to us.  VOTE THE BASTARDS OUT!

How Our Votes Should Be Counted Every Election

By Jim Condit

in your precinct -- by your neighbors, and maybe you!
Elections would be exciting -- and REAL again!

(This is an excerpt, Section 12 from the article "Understanding the REAL "2000 Election" Scam")

Section 12: We could easily Fund an open, honest hand count BY CITIZENS -- and it should be the very first priority of the American People !!!

In that last e-wire link concerning Newt Gingrich, we reported that Gingrich said on "Meet the Press" that if they need to "attach money" to the new technology --  to induce the states and counties to start using it -- then so be it. Note that whenever the Ruling Elite wants to advance their agenda -- money is no object.

At Citizens for a Fair Vote Count, we have estimated that it would take no more than 400 million dollars per election to hand count every vote on every ballot in the United States. Because the Ruling Elite and their Big Media insist on easily riggable elections -- all you hear is how we "can't possibly" afford the expenses of the hand count.

Well, how deceived is anyone who falls for this line or malarkey!

96% of Incumbents Get Reelected!

Great job America! Way to hold Congress accountable for what they've done! You just allowed 96% of the incumbents to be reelected, the exact same s.o.b.s that just committed the worst screwing and betrayal of the American people in history by Bailing Out Wall Street and giving them total control of the U.S. Treasury! Oh and we can't forget the blanket immunity that was thrown in for good measure. You just threw away a golden opportunity to hold them all accountable. You just ignored an incredible chance to FIRE THEM ALL! Instead of voting them all out of office, half the voters were content to just dance around singing the mantra "Change We can Believe In" as if it was actually going to happen without cleaning out the den of thieves in the Congress.

While all attention was fixated on the totally controlled presidential race, everyone ignored the heart of the problem, the Congress! The powers-that-be con everyone into believing all the power lies with El Presidente. Well, it doesn't my friends. The Congress has more power than the executive branch and . . .

The President has no Constitutional authority to do most of the things they claim they can do. They can only ask the Congress to do what they want. The Congress could have stopped everything that's happening; the wars, the Wall Street takeover, the TRILLION DOLLAR defense budget they just passed. Our so-called representatives have sold us out so many times it makes my head spin and what do we all do? We not only let them keep their jobs, but you watch, they will most likely give themselves a raise, like they always do, for the fine job of screwing us they've done over the last two years. The way we hold our representatives accountable is to let them keep their $14,000 a month jobs so they can stick it to us for another two years!

I just went through all the Congressional races and could not believe what happened!  Only 67 seats turned over.  And of those 67 seats, 37 turned over because the incumbents retired or died.  So that leaves only 30 seats in which incumbents were actually defeated in the 2008 election. 

I can't tell you how many times I heard people pissing and moaning about how we need to hold Congress accountable for what they've done.  I can't tell you how many times I've hear people stomping around, especially after the Wall Street Bailout, hemming and hawing about what a bunch of traitors their Congress critters were and how they betrayed us yet again. 

So what do the American people to about it.  WE REELECT THE BULK OF THEM ALL OVER AGAIN!  And have you noticed that nobody is talking about the fact that the bulk of Congress got reelected?  I haven't heard anyone? I haven't heard any so-called patriot group, no patriot radio shows, I haven't heard anyone mention the fact that after all the hemming and hawing and pissing and moaning about what Congress has done, THE BULK OF THEM GOT REELECTED!  We allowed most all of them to keep their jobs!

We really need to get a grip people.  How is allowing most every incumbents to be reelected every single time holding them accountable for anything?   It's become crystal clear to me that the Congress is not our problem.  WE ARE THE PROBLEM.   The American people don't have an ounce of common sense left anymore.  The bulk of us are clearly quite a few cards short of a deck.  WE do the same thing over and over and expect somehow we're going to get different results.  WE'RE FRIGGIN NUTS!!

Check out these statistics from Open Secrets.   You look at these numbers and tell me how we are not the problem?

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Steal Back Your Vote!

Voter suppression is real. It’s a crime. And it’s happening to YOU.

But there’s something that you can do to prevent it. That’s what this guide is about. Start with page 19: ‘7 Easy Steps to Steal Back Your Vote.’

For many years, top investigative reporter Greg Palast and I have been exposing voter suppression.

This is a deliberate strategy to keep minorities from voting, senior citizens from voting, young people from voting in an effort to suppress the vote and maintain their hold on power.

Our concern is not partisan. We need every American to vote: Democrats and Republicans. You can do all the campaigning you want in a battleground state like Ohio or New Mexico, but if your voters aren’t counted, you’re going to lose the Presidency–and our democracy.

Greg Palast On CNN

If the video won't play please report the problem by clicking here.

Click on the image below to download your free copy of Steal Back Your Vote.

Why Women Should Vote!

This is the story of our Grandmothers and Great-grandmothers they lived only 90 years ago.

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