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The Kick Them All Out Project

Video: Yet More Proof Elections Are Now Routinely Stolen and What We Can Do About It!

There is literally a mountain of evidence that our elections are routinely stolen by vote tampering and yet our Congress DOES NOTHING to stop it.  And why?  Because they are the ones doing it of course!  DUHHHHH!!

So what do we do about it?  Well you're in luck!  You're on the only web site on the internet with a plan for exactly what we can do about it!   Read our project summaries and help spread the word!

Video: Stephen Spoonamore on Stealing Elections Through Electronic Voting Machine Tempering

It's time for all of us to end our wilful denial and acknowledge that our elections are no longer free and fair. They are routinely tampered with, which means we do not have a democracy. It's a joke. It's time to grow up and face the fact that there are people very interested in stealing elections and they are doing it. If we are to establish an election system that actually provides accurate outcomes, we have to take control of it away from the criminals that control it now.

The good news is we can do this by exploiting the voting system to our advantage to vote out all incumbents and demand the new Congress get rid of ALL electronic voting machines.  We can do this by orchestrating landslide elections AGAINST INCUMBENTS.  The tampering that is going on is an average of 3-5% thrown towards whoever they wish to win.  At worst exit polls have show up to 12%.  So worst case scenario, 88% of the votes are being counted accurately.  So if we can get only 20% of voters to deliberately vote against incumbents, vote tampering won't be able to stop the outcome.

We need a uniform, national election system that is secure and validated.  The people running our government now have NO INTEREST in providing that for us.  We have to get rid of them by voting them out of office en mass.  Once we do that, we make a one of the crucial mandates of the new congress the elimination of all electronic voting machines and establishment a uniform voting system we can actually depend on.

Register To Vote From Anywhere in the United States

National Mail Voter Registration Form

This document  allows you to register to vote from anywhere in the United States. 

States that accept the national form will accept copies of the application printed from the computer image on regular paper stock, signed by the applicant, and mailed in an envelope with first class postage.

In completing this application, be sure to follow the General Instructions as well as the Application Instructions and specific State Instructions for your State which include the address to use for mailing the application 


  • New Hampshire town and city clerks will accept this application only as a request for their own mail-in absentee voter registration form.
  • North Dakota does not have voter registration.
  • Wyoming cannot accept this form under State law.  

As of June 27, 2008, the following states have requested a change to their state instructions: Louisiana and Michigan. The Commission has not yet approved these requests.

PDF documents require Acrobat Reader, available for free at Adobe's website [].

Electile Dysfunction - The Truth About Why The Presidential Race IS SO FRIGGIN LONG!!

I'm fairly sure most of you have noticed how long the friggin Presidential race has been going on?!  But, how many of you have taken the time to think about WHY it's been going on for so long? 
Well, I have.  And I've become totally convinced that the reason they are doing it is to produce the exact result emphasized in the brilliant cartoon above.

Videos: Black Box Voting Update - Truth About How Our Votes Are Counted - Or NOT Counted

1. Election Reality TV - BUTCH & HOPPY CHASE Part I
The Butch & Hoppy Chase begins with Susan Pynchon and Bev Harris's initial foray into the field following a ballot transport van. This video raises questions, many of which will be answered in subsequent Election Reality TV videos. Some answers will be troubling and will spur reforms.
2. Election Reality TV - PROCEDURAL FAILURES
Black Box Voting is focusing on a nationwide "election chain of custody" project thoughout 2008. We have adjusted communications format to focus on video, because it is getting more 15-30 year old citizens involved.
Collection of evidence through video, ESPECIALLY WHEN SEVERAL CITIZENS FAN OUT WITH CAMERAS TO WATCHDOG A SINGLE ELECTION EVENT AND SHARE FOOTAGE, will be of crucial importance in election 2008. Take note and follow suit.

Video: Diebold Accidentally Leaks Results Of 2008 Election Early

Embarrassed Diebold officials apologized after one of their electronic voting machines prematurely revealed the winner of our upcoming sham election.

Video: As Obese Population Rises, More Candidates Courting The Fat Vote

Once again the Onion News nails the truth of of our election process and the ridiculous values our population tends to use in measuring the worthiness of our representatives.

How The Media Dictates Who The Candidates Will Be

This story highlights the blatant discrimination of the mainstream media with regards to the republican party.  It should be noted that the exact same thing happens on the Democratic side of the equation.  If the media would glorify the so-called, second tier candidates the way they do the candidates they wish to be the top tier, the top tier candidates most certainly wouldn't be top tier for very long.  Imagine hearing and seeing glowing photos, and coverage of Denise Kucinich plastered all over the screen and print media?  Imagine hearing the media repeat over and over how Hilary was nothing more than same old same old, over and over.  What do you think that would do to your opinion of Hilary?  Same thing with McCain and Romney, their chosen. 

We give the broadcasting companies licenses to use OUR airwaves.  In return, they make BILLIONS on poltiical advertising and totally control who the candidates get to be.  Part of the deal should be free air time for candidates, free political advertising and FAIR, UNBIASED debates that give all candidates equal time. 

By Cliff Kincaid
Feb 2, 2008

Whatever you think of Ron Paul, you have to admit that the media are notoriously biased against him. The Fox News Channel unfairly excluded him from its January 6 debate, while MSNBC and CNN tried to keep him from speaking for any significant length of time during their January 24 and January 30 debates. This is a candidate, we must recall, who placed second in the Republican Nevada caucuses on January 19, beating John McCain.

Bev Harris: New Hampshire Recount a "Criminal Enterprise"

You should find the following stories and information extremely disturbing.  We have taken an awful lot for granted in this country because most of us felt we could trust our government and felt that the citizens charged with the election process are actually interested in producing an accurate counting of all of our votes.  Well, it's pretty clear that our trust is totally misplaced and it's falling to ordinary citizens like Bev Harris, to hold the people running elections accountable.  Nobody in the media will spend any time investigating the election process, how votes are actually counted, and the massive security holes every step along the way.  We pay ridiculous amounts of money to the government and yet it's becoming increasingly clear that WE are going to have to monitor our election process ourselves, like hawks, if we ever hope to actually get an honest election.

These videos and audio interview demonstrate beyond a shadow of a doubt that our elections are a total sham and the last thing we can do is trust those conducting them.

The government pays a couple corporations millions upon millions of dollars for voting machines that are proven to be easy as pie to hack and on top it it, provide no secure system for counting the votes.  And paying the big bucks for a recount only goes to expose the fact that the system is utterly incapable and unwilling to provide honest results.

If our votes are not counted accurately, we have no power over our government.  It's just that simple.  The following info demonstrates we don't even have the most minimal security in place to ensure votes are not tampered with.  The ballots are routinely put in cardboard boxes, secured with nothing more than flimsy tape.  It's absolutely a crime we should all be up in arms about.  At the very least, some of those millions should have been spent on establishing a secure chain of custody procedure and something like lockable, metal boxes to put the ballots in, with key card access that records exactly who accesses them.

Vote Fraud Expert Convinced Chain of Custody is Corrupt

by Paul Joseph Watson

Fresh from her confrontations in New Hampshire during which public officials were grilled about slapdash chain of custody and ballot box tampering issues, Bev Harris is now convinced that a "criminal enterprise" is running the primary recount.

Harris was fundamental in the vetting and production of the HBO special Hacking Democracy, and has contributed towards bringing charges against vote fraudsters who cheated in Ohio in 2004.

Harris traveled to New Hampshire personally to discover for herself the disgraceful lapses in chain of custody for the memory cards and ballot boxes used in the recent primary.

FREE Video Library: Princeton Exposes Diebold Voting Machine Flaws

This is a short video by Princeton University on the major security flaws of the Diebold Voting machines used all over the place.
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