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The Kick Them All Out Project

Princeton University Reveals How the GOP Steals Election

by Len Hart

Unless something is done, the GOP will steal the next election as well. Unless something is done, this series of primaries means absolutely nothing. The fix is undoubtedly in. Unless something is done, the GOP will walk away with another stolen election, another GOP nincompoop will foist upon the nation his personal and vainglorious ambitions of empire. The Military/Industrial complex is licking its chops and theocrats are lining up to play Torquemada.

The following video was produced by Princeton University. It explains precisely how the votes are stolen and will be stolen again.

Princeton tested an AccuVote-TS which it obtained from a private party. The experiements were designed to determine whether the machine could be hacked under "real election practices", realistic scenarios in the real world. Princeton found the machine vulnerable to a number of "extremely serious attacks" that "undermine undermine the accuracy and credibility of the vote counts it produces." In other words, DieBold machines can be hacked and most have been.

FREE Video Library: Hacking Democracy

Hacking Democracy:
This documentary exposes the vulnerability of computers - which count approximately 80% of America's votes in county, state and federal elections - suggesting that if our votes aren't safe, then our democracy isn't safe either.  Below is a clip from the film "Hacking Democracy" that shows exactly what happens all the time with electronic voting machines.

Vote Fraud: Obama and Paul in New Hampshire? - It would only be history repeating

by  Daan de Wit 
Friday, 11 January 2008

The world is puzzled by the sudden surge of Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire. For Barack Obama a seven point victory was predicted, yet he lost by three. How could the polls be so wrong? One important thing I learned from writing my 16 part series on (electronic) voting is that polling is a near science and that when the 'real' numbers, i.e. the voting results, all of a sudden differ widely from these polls there is a big chance there is a dead rat nearby. It seems to happen every time when voting results tend to go in a direction that deviates too far off the status quo.

The opening of an article by Fox News yesterday seems like not much is learned from the past: 'Voters in New Hampshire weren't wrong about who they wanted to be the next Democratic presidential nominee, but the pundits, pollsters and even the campaigns completely missed the mark in the run-up to Tuesday's vote'. Followed by: 'Borrowing from an old and familiar playbook, Hillary Clinton pulled off an unexpected win in New Hampshire after five days of slipping poll numbers, accusations of feigned tears and low turnout at campaign events.' Old and familiar indeed. The history of American voting is rife with 'unexpected wins' and experts who 'miss the mark completely'. In the case of Obama and Clinton it seems that counting by hand favoured Obama and counting by Diebold machines favoured Clinton.

Two days ago nobody in New Hampshire's Sutton County had voted for Republican candidate Ron Paul. Then in the live broadcast of CSPAN's Campaign 2008 a caller tells [video] that he personally knows people in Sutton County who have voted for Paul. On Ron Paul Forums a post reads: 'I am from Sutton originally and my parents and one aunt all voted for Ron Paul today and Sutton says 0. So this is wrong. This is a town that had 20 people counting the ballots and I have no reason to believe that they cheated. Small town and I was born and raised there. The real numbers will come in by morning. The electronic machines in the big towns are the ones we have to worry about."' Bev Harris, the single most important activist in the United States on the issue of votefraud contacted Jennifer Call, the head clerk in Sutton County, 'who was forced to admit that the 31 votes Ron Paul received were completely omitted from the final report sheet, claiming "human error" was responsible for the mistake'. Harris is part of the PBS documentary Hacking Democracy.

On Obama's slip and Hillary's surge Brad Friedman, one of the most persistant online reporters writing indepth stories about the American voting process, notes: 'As we know, the presumption is always that the polls were wrong. Never the results'. 'I'm not sure why Obama would have conceded so soon, given the virtually inexplicable turn of events in New Hampshire tonight. What's going on here? Before proceeding, I recommend you read the third section of the post I just ran an hour or so ago, concerning the way the ballots are counted in New Hampshire, largely on Diebold optical-scan voting systems, wholly controlled and programmed by a very very bad company named LHS Associates. [...] the pre-election pollster's numbers (NOTE: that's not Exit Polls, but Pre-Election Polls!) were dead-on, for the most part, on the Republican side, as well as on the Democratic side. Except in the do-or-die (for Hillary) Clinton v. Obama race. [...]'.

Vote Fraud Expert Warns Of New Hampshire Chicanery

It really is totally mind blowing how the American public is complacent over the enormous pile of evidence that vote tampering is going on in virtually every single bought of voting that happens in this country.  Voting machines have been chosen that have unbelievable security holes in them, yet they are still being used.  On top of that huge problem, most of the counting is being done in total secret with absolutely no public oversight.  It's totally insane.  Then the American public sits in front of their tubes and watch the mainstream media share the results as if there's absolutely no possibility that the numbers are totally messed with.  In fact, the media typically announces the "projected winner" when only 30% of the likely inaccurate vote counts are in.  What the heck is wrong with us!?  Why aren't we all totally freaking out about the fact that our votes are not being counted openly and honestly?

Check out this story by Paul Joseph Watson on what we are really dealing with.

Key vulnerabilities of Diebold machine identified within ten minutes by programmer

Paul Joseph Watson
Tuesday, January 8, 2008

"It's not who votes that counts. It's who counts the votes." Joseph Stalin.

Vote fraud expert Bev Harris has warned that New Hampshire's electronic voting machines are wide open to fraud and that even modestly skilled computer programmers were able to identify key vulnerabilities within ten minutes of assessing them as key Democrat and Republican primaries unfold today.

The contract for programming all of New Hampshire's Diebold voting machines, which combined will count 81 per cent of the vote today, is owned by LHS Associates, which also holds the contracts for Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Vermont.

 LHS is owned by John Silvestro, who has been at the center of a long-running public dispute in trying to deflect accusations made by hacker Harri Hursti that the machines can easily be rigged.

Iowa Republicans STILL missing 65 precincts in results

There is so much evidence that our election process is a sham it's hard to believe we aren't all freaking out about it.   Actually, I'm not really surprised because the mainstream media totally ignores the issue of vote tampering and as a result, are totally complicit in it.   But here's the latest report from Black Box and it stinks.  The people running the elections obviously could care less if the process is open and honest. 

by Bev Harris

It isn't even a skillful magic show.

The Republican caucuses usually take only half as long as the Democratic caucuses, due to simpler procedures. Yet the Republicans are lagging behind the Democrats now by over TEN HOURS in having all their results in. Results delays are a red flag.

Alert CSPAN watchers caught TV screen shots of Giuliani vote totals going down by a couple thousand votes midstream in, I believe it was, Linn County. That needs a confirm; screen shot images were posted on various blogs, but if anyone recorded the coverage and can corroborate those screen shots, please let us know.

12-30-07: New problems identified with Iowa caucuses!

Citizen 'Army' Needed To Monitor Iowa Voting

If you haven't heard, our election process is LOADED with opportunities for fraud and vote tampering.  The most cursory look at how the system is set up makes it pretty darn clear that the people in control of it aren't very interested in an open and honest election process.  For a very vivid example of the kind of tampering that goes on, please listen to this exposé by BBC investigative journalist Greg Palast.  Proof of Karl Rove Vote Tampering.

There is a tremendous need for citizens to get much more involved to ensure that votes are actually counted accurately and the that the final results match the individual voting location counts.  We cannot trust the people running the show any longer.

The following is a report by Black Box, an fantastic group that is doing it's best to make sure our elections are fair and accurate:

12-30-07: New problems identified with Iowa caucuses!

All of us, in all 50 states, should be very concerned about what's going to happen on January 3. The stated results -- generated with secret central tabulation -- will play a large role in which candidate YOU can vote for in your state.
Black Box Voting has only a few members in Iowa. We need your help to forward this message to other distribution outlets and to every single person you know in Iowa. By positioning itself as the first presidential preference contest in the nation, Iowa has a disproportionate influence on candidate viability -- which candidates can stay in the race, and how well they'll do.   Although some will tell you that the system has checks and balances because delegates assigned at the Jan. 3 Iowa precinct caucuses will go to a county convention where their vote will be clear, this is misleading. Iowa's convention is months away -- more than a month AFTER "Super Duper Tuesday" and many if not most candidates will have dropped out by then, so the delegates at the county conventions ALWAYS are reapportioned and NEVER match the original caucus results.   The situation is very serious, especially for Republican election integrity but also for the Democrats.   WHAT CAN YOU DO? If you live in Iowa, instructions are within the message below. If you do not live in Iowa, but can go observe, photograph and act as a citizen reporter, that would be magnificent. But, if you don't want to freeze your buns in Iowa in January, here's what you CAN do: FORWARD THIS E-MAIL TO SOMEONE YOU KNOW IN IOWA.   If you don't know someone in Iowa, forward this e-mail to activism groups and write letters to news organizations.
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Audio: BBC Greg Palast Proves Karl Rove Voter Fraud

Way back in 2004, Greg Palast uncovered proof that Karl Rove engaged in massive vote fraud, yet it was totally blacked out in this country.  Recently Greg appeared on a radio talk show to bring this information to light once again.  Rove has people in high positions to do it all over again.

This interview conducted on May 26, 2007 on the Alex Jones Show exposes criminal behavior in our government that should be on every major news media program in America . . . but it is conspicuously absent.  Our media is so massively controlled every single American should be screaming!  We do not have a free press in this country.  The evidence presented in this interview is outrageous and should have all of us organizing a way to end this police state behavior.   If this interview upsets you as much as it does me, please join the effort to take back control of our government by telling your friends and family about the Kick Them All Out Project.  The only plan that will allow us to take back control of our country in 2008!  If we don't unite and mount a full frontal assault in 2008, we may not even have the right to vote much longer.

Video: The Number One Issue For Voters: Quality B.S.

CAUTION:  They actually use the words that B.S. stands for . . . A LOT.

This "spot on" Onion News Clip nails the truth of things.  Sometimes humor says it the best - though we don't want the humor to dilute our outrage at the truth of the insane reality they are highlighting.  We really do need to demand our media and representative focus on something other than pure manipulation of the lowest common denominator simply because they know that segment represents about 30% of us, and that's more than half the ball game when it comes to elections  . . . the way they are orchestrated now that is.

We Do Not Have A Legitimate Election Process Folks!

I’m amazed that so many still seem to believe we have a legitimate political system.  Our entire political process is massively rigged and manipulated folks!!  It is totally designed to ensure that most all candidates that rise to the top of the heap are the ones that will do the bidding or our corporate rulers.  We don’t get to choose from the best and brightest to represent us.  We get to choose from a small handful of the same old people that we know darn well are bought and paid for. We get to choose from the people the powers-that-be tell us we get to choose from.  I just don’t get why so many of you still act like the game is for real?   And I don’t get why nobody seems to be upset by it.

We Need An "Operation Shock And Awe" In The 2008 Elections!

I think most of us are awake to, or are awakening to the reality the left/right paradigm in politics only serves the wealthy and their corporate agendas. The ideological differences between the two main political parties have been reduced to nothing more than a show to make us feel like there is a difference in order to keep us playing the game of mindless party politics. It’s clear now there is no meaningful difference. The bulk of legislation and regulation politicians are pumping out is written by corporations and only benefits them.

For example, how is allowing credit card companies to change your interest rates whenever they want and not have to explain themselves protect your best interests? How does eliminating your ability to discharge credit card debt in bankruptcy protect your best interests? How does most of the laws being passed have anything to do with protecting your best interests, your liberties and freedoms?
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