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The Kick Them All Out Project

The Great Ethanol Corndoggle

By Rand Clifford


Massive craters hugging the local convenience store this fall were planted with 20,000-gallon plastic bulbs, then filled in, paved over. And new pumps have sprouted, spanking-fresh with lifelike graphics of thigh-sized ears of corn seductively half-husked. So clean and appealing, this face of new energy, helping consumers feel good about maybe “paying a little extra” to benefit the environment.

But…in America, entrenched energy politics guarantee that death, destruction and fleecing remain fundamental profit-boosting components. It’s like peace, something beautiful to talk about, a noble goal; we even possess means of realizing it, but there is no money in peace. Chaos and war pay best for those in on the fixing.

And, “paying a little extra” is a mean euphemism when it comes to the average taxpaying citizen pulling up for a feed from one of the new corn pumps. Before even touching a nozzle they have paid at least $3.60 per gallon for corn ethanol through subsidies and tax breaks—the bulk of that to ADM (the Archer Daniels Midland corporation, “Supermarket to the World”). (1) And that’s just the federal subsidies, most corn states add subsidies of their own. Another way to put it…every dollar of actual corn ethanol profit costs taxpayers about $30. Corn itself is already America’s most subsidized crop, swilling over $50 billion in federal fixings between 1995 and 2005. Add to that Ethanol’s 200+ tax breaks and subsidies worth almost $6 billion per year, and it is obvious why ADM has done everything possible to program Americans into associating “corn” with “ethanol”. ADM is making a killing in one of the most successful mass boondoggles in history.

Video: Who Killed The Electric Car

This disturbing documentary reveals just how difficult it is to get past our dependence on oil because the people in control of the oil and gas cartels, are the same people that own the banking cartels and as a result, control just about everything of significance.  We get token advancements only to find that suddenly it's all stopped dead in it's tracks, like this fantastic electric car that was a total reality.   This is what they do over and over.  They hold out the carrot, appear to be interested in developing alternative technologies, but it's a fraud.  They only do it to quell dissent for a period of time.  There has been absolutely no serious attempts to get beyond oil and gas and there won't be until we wise up to what the people controlling the game are really doing.  We have to stop being played for absolute fools.

Non Peak Oil Update

This conservative article by George Giles posted on Lew highlights the reality that the "peak oil" crisis is most probably a total fabrication, like so much of the propaganda cranked out by all the large corporate cartels.  Since they control the media and our own government, the information we get is at the very least, massively biased towards whatever scam they are trying to con us all into believing so they can maximize their profits and control over markets. 

The degree to which people running large cartels will lie to us is without bounds.  There really is only one thing that is certain.  If a corporation is saying it, a government is saying it, and if the mainstream media is saying it, IT'S MOST PROBABLY A BOLD FACED LIE!

by George Giles

December 20, 2007

In 2006 I wrote a little op-ed piece for Lew Rockwell about the fallacies of Peak Oil. I asserted that proven oil reserves seem to go up every year in spite of both the warnings that we are running out, and that we are consuming it at an every increasing rate. Let’s Google a little and see what the state of the reserves is at the end of 2007.

In June of 2006 I asserted: "According to oil industry sources, the commonly accepted proven reserves are 1.226 trillion barrels of oil." What do we find today (December of 2007)?

Radford University offers up a nice comparison of "proven resources and recoverable resources". The high is 2272.5 billion barrels with a low of 981.4. This gives us a median of 1060, an average of 1343, a variance of 386, and standard deviation of 621. Not exactly accurate data, but these are government statistics and may be prone to some inaccuracy. I can interpret this data as either proving or disproving my assertion depending on whether we like the mean, high end of the low end. A variance of 25% of the average might be considered unsure. This is an elegant web page that even Edward Tufte would be proud of.

The Department of Energy has web data on oil reserves. One of them states that total world oil reserves at the end of 2007 is 1.317 trillion barrels of oil. I am a clear winner on this one, assuming we accept the statistics as factual.

Video: Amazing Invention Causes Salt Water To Burn!

This amazing news segment reveals an amazing (accidental) invention that instantly releases hydrogen from ordinary salt water with nothing more than harmless frequency waves.  I have seen innovation after innovation over the years that never see the light of day while Big Oil and gas continue their stranglehold on what energy sources are available to us.

One of the primary reasons government is set up is to provide protection against those with the most wealth and power from exploiting us and everything else.  Unfortunately those with the most wealth and power control our government ensuring their monopolies remain intact. 
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