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The Kick Them All Out Project

Why Don't You Support the GOOOH Campaign?

I decided to write this FAQ because I'm tired of having to individually respond to members of this group. 

I can't tell you how many times we've been contacted by GOOOH devotees appealing for us to embrace the GOOOH strategy and system because they say, “we are after the same thing, removing all of the incumbents.”  No matter what I say to members of this group it falls on deaf ears.  The only thing they want to hear me say is, “ SURE.  WE’LL GET ON BOARD WITH YOU GUYS!”  They are convinced this "amazing system" that Tim Cox developed to choose candidates is going to save us all. 

First of all, I would like to preface criticism by saying that we believe that anyone that is willing to get involved in saving our country is fighting the good fight.   If GOOOH inspires you, that’s all that’s important.  We all have to pick our fights and give it all we’ve got.  So that being said . . .

Why don’t we support you guys?

In a nutshell it’s because the KTAO strategy is absolutely the opposite of the GOOOH strategy.  If we embraced the GOOOH strategy, we would have to completely abandon ours.  From our perspective, the GOOOH effort is no different than any other effort that attempts to choose “good candidates” and get them on the ballots and hopefully get them elected.  Like just about every other group out there, GOOOH’s efforts are to get their into office.

Our goal however is totally opposite.  Our goal is to get “bad people out.”  Now I know that may seem to be the same goal, and it is to a degree.  The difference is with regards to who replaces incumbents.  You guys think it’s matters.  We don’t.  We don’t care who replaces incumbents.  All we care about is that they are replaced.  In order for that to happen, someone other than the incumbent must get WAY more votes and actually beat the incumbents by a landslide (to defeat any vote tampering).   So our strategy is to identify whoever the strongest challenger to the incumbent is in every race and convince people to throw all their money, support and votes to them, even if they can’t stand them either. 

Wouldn't Be Better To Just Refuse To Vote Altogether? Boycott the Whole Process?

The argument of boycotting the election process sounds compelling only because those proposing it always leave out one BIG issue.   There are a lot of people who think the government is running just fine.  I guarantee you that they will all show up to vote.

I think the best way to look at this question is to imagine the consequences IF you were successful in convincing a lot of people to refuse to participate.  You'd be darn lucky to get 70% of the voters to go along with you, which would leave 30% of the voters who will show up to vote.  So the net result of your grand plan would be that you just let a smaller than usual handful of people reelect all the exact same scum bags and NOTHING will change.

If however we do what the KTAO project is proposing and we manage to get 70% of the voters to vote for the incumbent's strongest challengers, we would be successful removing every one we possibly can.  70% beats 30% any way you slice it.  Even with vote tampering.   Tampering cannot stop that kind of turnout.  

So 70% refuse to vote.  Nothing changes.   70% votes the strategic way we're proposing, everything changes.

Taking no action has never solved anything.  By doing nothing you just make it even easier for those in control to continue doing exactly what they are doing.

Why Do You Have So Many Ads On This Site?

It's always amazing when people complain about advertising on web sites like this.  Some people seem to believe it can't be a genuine effort if there's any sign money is being solicited to fund the project.  Seriously, what makes people think we are supposed to do everything for free?  What makes people think it's possible to make anything happen without any funding whatsoever?  That view is beyond unrealistic.

We are up against people who literally have unlimited resources, unlimited wealth and power, which is why they have accomplished all that they have accomplished to destroy our country.  It is not possible to mount a serious national campaign against the powers-that-be with no funding. 

As it stands now, the advertising on this web site does not generate very much revenue.  We have no staff to speak of because of the lack of funding.  So . . . if you think this project is a good idea, help fund the idea so we can actually bring in enough revenue to hire a staff and mount a powerful national campaign.  Such a thing is not possible without adequate funding.

This Will Never Work Because Elections Are Not That Simple.

I just love this one.  I primarily hear it form people that are steeped in the current political system, you know, the people that "know everything about how things work."  I always have to laugh because they are basically saying, we can't do this because unless we do what needs to be done within a system that we all know doesn't work, it won't work.  That's just like this absurd notion that we must voluntarily give up our liberties and freedoms so or beloved government can control every aspect of life in order to make sure the evil terrorists can't rob us of our liberties and freedoms.

Who Are You Guys? I'd Like To Support You But I Need To Know Who You Are.

My name is Bruce McDonald.  I own a small web site development and hosting company called element3 and up until about 2006, it didn't appear that I had a political bone in my body.

Then a friend gave me the documentary "The Corporation" (which you can watch for free
here) and I became so upset about what I'd just seen, I decided to try and do something about it right then and there.  Since I had no political or political party conditioning I came into the political arena from a fairly innocent point of view, which allowed me to get right to the heart of things fairly quickly.  The first thing I did was ask the most obvious question first.  If we all know corporate and special interest lobbyists are the primary source of corruption in our government and elections, why do we continue to allow them to do it?  Thus the Kick Them All Out Project was born.

Currently, The Kick Them All Out Project has received very little financial support so we have not been able to grow beyond a handful of volunteers and a small group of people who have formed their own local Fire Congress Meetup groups.  If we ever hope to grow into a powerful and effective national campaign we must get adequate financial support.

Why Do You Attack Al Gore If This Is A Non-Partisan Project?

I was actually surprised to get this one.  I hate to be the one to break the news to you but Al Gore isn't in politics anymore.  The man is fair game.

If someone other than Al Gore was spear heading the global warming propaganda machine, misrepresenting the reality of global warming to amplify the hysteria, they'd be the one being attacked.  Just happens Al Gore is the Global Warming Guru.

It’s a fact that Al Gore is lying about the number of scientist that disagree with the version of global warming reality he is hammering over everyone's head.  He insists it just a tiny, tiny number of people that are as moronic as people who believe the moon landing was film in a sound stage in Hollywood.  The fact of the matter is there are tens of thousands of scientists that disagree with what he's selling.  See this article if you don't believe me.

And he misrepresents a great many other things, like portraying Polar bears as if they are stranded on chunks of ice, as if they can't swim 60 miles without stopping, without breaking a sweat.  There is more than enough info on this web site to prove Al Gore is lying about a great many things. 

He's just launched a 300 million dollar advertising campaign to keep the lies going and he intends to con and recruit millions of kids into perpetuating his scam.  We hear nothing but ridicule aimed at the 19,000 scientists that don't agree and yet Al Gore's ad campaign in presenting us with such climate experts as Al Sharpton and Pat Robertson for crying out loud.  Oh Al Sharpton and Pat Robertson can't agree on anything BUT the fact the Global Warming is going to kill us all!  

If you aren't aware, Al Gore's personal fortunes have exploded over this.  He gets $100,000 to $150,000 just to give a talk.  His personal fortune is now over $100 million.  There is tremendous conflict of intersts with what he's doing.  And did you forget that "he's a friggin politician?"  Don't you find it the least bit weird that people clamor to accept an 'ex-politician's" presentation as if he's a climate expert, and as if you can trust a politician?

Check out our entire section loaded with stories that refute Al Gore's self serving version of global warming reality.

Why Do You Have So Many "Conspiracy Theory" "Tin Foil Hat Brigade" Articles On This Site?

First of all, this is not how I would describe the information on this site that you may think falls into that category.  I'd be willing to wager that you have not done as much homework on the topics you think may fall into that category as I have.   Everything on this site have a tremdous amount of information to back it up. 

To suggest that people in power are not constantly conpsiring to gain unfair advantage over the rest of us is to deny all of world history.  This is what these people do.  It's their way of life.  It's like breathing to them.  Do you think the shape of our world has happened by accident.  Do you think the gap between the rich and the rest of us has grown so extreme by accident?   No.  It's been deliberate.  These people have conspired with each other to bring it all about.

I'd be willing to wager you react to things you feel are conspiracy theories because you believe what the mainstream media has been telling you.  You believe what the "official sources" have been telling you.  And you probably don't want to believe the official sources would lie to you about such big things.

If you don't understand the degree to which we are lied to, if you don't understand how ruthless the people that are destroying this country are, you will simply will not feel the urgency you need to be feeling about the trouble we're in.  If you don't feel the urgency, you won't feel the need to immediately do something BIG to stop what's happening.  The mainstream media is mainly engaged in calming you down, distracting you off into things that don't matter so you won't become aware of what's "really" happening.  The media keeps you distracted onto manufactured enemies and issues.

What If The Incumbent is Running Unopposed?

This is will likely happen in some districts.  The only thing you can do about it is to get someone to run against them or run yourself.  One of the great things about this project is if people embrace it, there's no better opportunity for ordinary people to run for office.  If everyone decides they will not vote for incumbents, a person can win just by being an alternative on the ballot.  It would be possible to win without spending hardly any money at all.   Just get out and talk to your neighbors and spread the word.

If we all decided enough was enough and refused to vote for any sitting politician, they would not win no matter how much money they spent trying to con us into voting for them again.  Just find someone to run against them as an independent or run yourself as an independent.  If you can't get on the ballot, start a "write in campaign."

Why Aren't You Set Up As A Tax Exempt Non-Profit?

We decided not to set up this project as a tax exempt 501-c3, non-profit primarily because if we did, we would be extremely limited in what we could and couldn't say in order to retain a tax exempt status.  The truth of the matter is, the criminals running things established this scam in order to shut a lot of people up. It's sole purpose was to create a way to limit free speech.  What better way than to do it through a special interest financial perk.  Give up your first amendment rights and we'll not tax the crap out of you.   In one fell swoop, they silenced and controlled virtually every pulpit in the country and a host of others.  I personally know of a church where the pastor is deathly afraid of saying anything political because he will loose his tax exempt status.  It's nuts!  He has been visited by government officials in order to let him know they are watching.

So we say it's not worth it.  Yes, it would be nice if people could deduct their contributions, but it's just not worth the price.  This whole project is about protecting and defending the liberties and freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution.   We believe it's better to simply pay the taxes.  We pay to play!  And we can say whatever the heck we need to say.  This isn't about saving money.  It's about saving our country!

Are you proposing eliminating all lobbying?

No, we are not proposing eliminating all lobbying.  Lobbying is an important part of the political process.  We are specifically targeting corporate lobbying primarily because corporate lobbying is arguably the worst form of lobbying, and corporations should not be treated as if they are entitled to have the same access to influence the political process as 'real' people do.   Corporations are not people.  They are nothing more than a legal fiction required to create the legal entity necessary to conduct business. 

You will never see a person called IBM standing in line behind you at the polls to cast his vote.  Yet people that own corporations like IBM and massive corporate behemoths like it use the wealth and power of their corporate entities to gain totally unfair advantage over the rest of us.  Because they have finagled "human rights protections" for their corporations, the people that own the most powerful corporations render the democratic process null and void because money usually determines what will and won't happen, not our votes.

Bottom line is, our democratic process, our votes have no power so long as "money" equals free speech, and corporations are allowed to bullhorn over our voices with all their money.  An artificial entity such as a corporation that has no right to vote should have no right to lobby or directly interfere with our government and democratic process.
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