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Video: The Great Culling - Flouride In Our Water

Our Water
'The Great Culling' of the human population has quietly begun. Covertly, insidiously, mercilessly, a global depopulation agenda has been launched. As this plays out, the vast majority of the human race will be removed from the gene pool. Genetically annihilated. Will you and your genetic lineage survive? Film-makers Paul Wittenberger (What In The World Are They Spraying?) and Chris Maple explore WHAT are the real threats to your life, your offspring and your genetic integrity? HOW can you protect yourself from those threats? WHY is a global depopulation agenda being pursued? The more you understand these answers, the greater your odds of surviving 'The Great Culling'.


Fluoride Linked to #1 Cause of Death in New Research

By Anthony Gucciardi
January 17, 2012

Groundbreaking new research has linked sodium fluoride to cardiovascular disease, the leading cause of death worldwide. Researchers found that fluoride consumption directly stimulates the hardening of your arteries, a condition known as atherosclerosis that is highly correlated with the #1 killer. Sodium fluoride is currently added to the water supply of many cities worldwide, despite extreme opposition from health professionals and previous studies linking it to decreased IQ and infertility.

In their research, scientists examined the relationship between fluoride intake and the hardening (calcification) of the arteries. Studying more than 60 patients, the researchers found a significant correlation between fluoride consumption and the calcification of your arteries. Published in the January edition of the journal Nuclear Medicine Communications, the research highlights the fact that mass fluoride exposure may be to blame for the cardiovascular disease epidemic that takes more lives each year than cancer. In 2008, cardiovascular killed 17 million people.

Video: Company Admits Fluoride Harming Children with Dr. Cole, DDS & Dr Pressley, PhD

In-studio guests from Fluoride Free Austin break down the victories beginning to emerge in their local fight to remove fluoride from the capital city of Texas. Dr. Griffin Cole, DDS and Laura Pressley, PhD. in physical chemistry, demonstrate the risks of fluoridation, while highlighting the increasing trends to remove it from public water supplies.


Video: Fluoride Is Good For You :)

We Are Change

Luke was onsite in Dundalk and decided to interview Walter Graham about the ongoing stupidity of water fluoridation. Luke himself thinks that fluoride is great for the teeth but Walter decided to inform him of the truth. Here at the Sovereign Independent we agree with Walter and will continue to try and inform Luke of the dangers of fluoridation but to be honest, Luke doesn’t really listen ;-)

Video: The Fluoride Deception - Natural News

The Fluoride Deception is the latest mini documentary from Mike Adams, executive director of the Consumer Wellness Center. Through the use of animation and motion graphics, it exposes the truth about where fluoride really comes from: The toxic byproducts of the phosphate mining industry!

Video: SHOCKER - Feminizing Uranium, Fluoride & Lithium In Water to be Exposed on Ventura TV Show

Conspiracy Theory to expose toxins in water, population control motives and water privatization schemes worldwide; Premieres FRIDAY, DEC. 3 AT 10 PM EST/ 9 PM CST

By Aaron Dykes

Shocker: Feminizing uranium, fluoride & lithium in water to be
exposed on Ventura TV show 10conspiracyAs producer Michael Braverman announced yesterday, what was once an episode just dealing with schemes to profit off the Great Lakes has now expanded into a startling exposé of the dangerous toxins being added to our water by design. Now known as the “Worldwide Water Conspiracy,” tonight’s episode of Conspiracy Theory with Gov. Jesse Ventura will take on water privatization, false scarcity profit schemes, the effects of fluoride, lithium and uranium in drinking water and much more. “WORLDWIDE WATER CONSPIRACY” PREMIERES TONIGHT, FRIDAY DEC. 3 AT 10 PM EST / 9 PM CST.

Scarcity, perceived or real, drives the value of commodities, and many people say water is the next oil. The Great Lakes consist of more than 20% of Earth’s surface fresh water, but the levels are dropping. Some streams and groundwater sources have already dried up, and a shortage of clean drinking water could prove to be one of the 21st Century’s greatest bubbles.

Video: Fluoride Truth on Australian TV - Fluoride Retards the Brain!

This information has been readily available for a very long time.  In fact, it was known when Flouride was first put into our water supplies.  It's being done ON PURPOSE folks.  FLOUIDE IS POISON!   Use your common sense.  No matter what the "Expertes" say to the contrary, use your common sense.  If I handed you a can of flouide with a BIG POISON SYMBOL ON IT, would you add it to your glass of water, your tea, your coffee, your soda pop? Hell no you wouldn't!

Video: Professional Perspective On The Fact That Fluoride Is POISONOUS!

There are so many dangerous frauds being perpetrated against the people on this planet that it makes your head spin.  The massive fraud of fluoridation is one of the most deadly we face.  There is literally a mountain of evidence that proves it's one of the most toxic substances known and it does absolutely NOTHING to prevent tooth decay. 

Video: Medical Hotseat - Water Fluoridation

This video is of a forum, hosted by Discovery Health, on the risks/benefits of water fluoridation - featuring Dr Euan Swan of the Canadian Dental 

Video: Extemely Clear and Urgent Anti-Fluoride Statement - Dr. J. William Hirzy

This is a chilling and extremely clear statement by Dr. J. Willima Hirzy, EPA Headquarters Union, on the true dangers of fluoridation of our water supply.  This statement was given to the Subcommittee on Wildlife, Fisheries and Drinking Water, United States Senate, June 29,2000.
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