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Your Brain Lies To You - And the Powers-That-Be Know Exactly How To Exploit This Little Fact

This story highlights something that every person really needs to realize.  There is a tremendous amount of understanding now about exactly how human beings tick.  With the mind boggling technology that is currently available, those that control our nation, know exactly how to exploit this knowledge to form the public consensus they wish by simply exploiting the knowledge about how our brains actually process and store information.

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FALSE beliefs are everywhere. Eighteen percent of Americans think the sun revolves around the earth, one poll has found. Thus it seems slightly less egregious that, according to another poll, 10 percent of us think that Senator Barack Obama, a Christian, is instead a Muslim. The Obama campaign has created a Web site to dispel misinformation. But this effort may be more difficult than it seems, thanks to the quirky way in which our brains store memories — and mislead us along the way.

The brain does not simply gather and stockpile information as a computer’s hard drive does. Facts are stored first in the hippocampus, a structure deep in the brain about the size and shape of a fat man’s curled pinkie finger. But the information does not rest there. Every time we recall it, our brain writes it down again, and during this re-storage, it is also reprocessed. In time, the fact is gradually transferred to the cerebral cortex and is separated from the context in which it was originally learned. For example, you know that the capital of California is Sacramento, but you probably don’t remember how you learned it.

Video: 1984 by George Orwell

This film used to be primarily perceived as a far-out imagined fantasy.  Sadly, it is more accurately seen now as prophetic.  Our nation, the U.K., nations all over the world are becoming exactly what this film portrays.  Tyrants, combined with unimaginable levels of technology can now make 1984 a reality if we let them.  It's on our doorstep right now!

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1984 is possibly the definitive dystopian novel, set in a world  that used to be beyond our imagining. A world where totalitarianism really is total, all power split into three roughly equal groups--Eastasia, Eurasia, and Oceania. 1984 is set in Oceania, which includes the United Kingdom, where the story is set, known as Airstrip One.

Winston Smith is a middle-aged, unhealthy character, based loosely on Orwell's own frail body, an underling of the ruling oligarchy, The Party. The Party has taken early 20th century totalitarianism to new depths, with each person subjected to 24 hour surveillance, where people's very thoughts are controlled to ensure purity of the oligarchical system in place. Figurehead of the system is the omnipresent and omnipotent Big Brother.

But Winston believes there is another way.
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