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Jewish Thought Police Push For Universal Gag Powers Through Global Hate Crime Laws

By Rev. Ted Pike

Last Thursday in London, the case against Dr. Frederick Toben was dropped by German and European Union prosecutors. Toben was charged with using the internet to question the numbers and methods of the Holocaust, and online "anti-Semitism." This week European thought police are fighting back from this defeat. The Council of Europe announced it will no longer tolerate the disuniformity in European hate law enforcement which resulted in Toben's freedom.
The Council of Europe wants to create a hate crimes system in which all European states will share identical definitions, legal procedures and punishments. No Council of Europe country will be free from anti-hate and holocaust denial laws.
The Jerusalem Post reports:
"The Council of Europe will consider over the next few years a new convention meant to standardize and unify anti-prejudice legislation throughout the Council's member states.

Dual Citizenship - Loyal To Whom?

Lastes News:
Rahm Emanuel - Obama's New Chief of Staff holds Dual Citizenship with Israel

By Victor Thorn

More sinister than Karl Rove and potentially deadlier than Dick “Darth Vader” Cheney, his name is Rahm Emanuel, and he was recently appointed chief of staff in the president-elect’s White House. This first official act should send waves of alarm through people because Barack Obama promised change, but what we’re getting is the exact same cabal that brought us 9-11 and endless war in the Middle East.

Initial media reports described Emanuel as a vulgar, Chicago-based enforcer who had an aggressive, in-your- face, pit-bull style. Others painted him as a partisan Washington insider with strong ties to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.).Although these labels seem harsh, the reality is far worse.

Rahm Emanuel, nicknamed “Rahmbo,” is a pro- Israel Orthodox Jew who was educated in a Talmudic yeshiva and served as a volunteer in the Israeli Defense Force (IDF). He is a dual citizen of Israel, which his office  refused to deny when AFP inquired. Israel is the only nation where Americans can apply for and obtain citizenship without automatically renouncing U.S. citizenship.

Read the rest of this story at American Free Press

Dual Citizenship? - Loyal To Whom?

by Dan Eden

Someone wrote and asked me, "Why are there Israeli- but not Mexican-American Dual Nationals?"

Well, here's my take on this. I'd also like your views and opinions.

Unless we are Native American Indians, all Americans have their origins in some other country. Both of my parents were from England. They were proud to be "British" but they were most proud of achieving their American citizenship. Sure, we had pictures of the Queen and nick-nacks with the Union Jack on them. My mother even celebrated the traditional 4 o'clock tea time and was good at making Yorkshire Pudding. In the late 60's my older brother served in the US Army and did his tour in Viet Nam. When it came down to "allegiance," we were all patriotic Americans. Period.

The word "allegiance" means that we promise loyalty. It also carries with it the expectation that this loyalty will be exclusive and unrestrained. In the case of a declared war or real threat or conflict, for example, our allegiance to America should preclude any other interest, be it another country or political ideology.

Israel In Charge of Security for the Most Sensitive Nuclear Power and Weapons Storage Facilities in the United States

By Michael Collins Piper

Correspondent for American Free Press and author of "The New Jerusalem: Zionist Power in America," "The High Priests of War," and "Final Judgment," which details the Mossad role in the JFK assassination conspiracy.

American supporters of Israel were delighted to learn that an Israeli company, Magal Security Systems - - owned in part by the government of Israel - - is in charge of security for the most sensitive nuclear power and weapons storage facilities in the United States.

The largest perimeter security company in the world, Magal started out as a division of Israeli Aircraft Industries (IAI) - - which was owned in part by the government of Israel. In recent years, however, Magal evolved into a publicly-traded company, although IAI (and thus the government of Israel) still holds a substantial share in the highly successful firm.
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