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The Kick Them All Out Project

What People Are Saying . . .

What People Are Saying . . .

"Amazing. This very morning I was reminiscing about my own business (which I thankfully sold 5 years ago) and having a conversation (imaginary) with the Queen of Shrill . . . Nancy Pelosi saying, "would you keep an employee who lied to you, refused to do anything you asked, stole from you, and called you demeaning and caustic names?" NO, I answered myself, I'd fire their ass. This afternoon I get this e-mail with the YOU-TUBE video of Barbara Bachman and directions to KICK THEM ALL OUT . COM and FIRE CONGRESS. COM Sign me up! The "silent majority" is alive and well, and will make itself heard."

"Thanks for creating this site. I've ordered a sign, some shirts, hats, bumper sticker, etc and FedexKinkos should have my first 5000 pink slips ready this afternoon. I will spread the word here in Memphis. I'm happy to be part of the revolution."

"This sounds to good to be true, you mean the american will finally get off there rump and do something about the corrupt crap in our goverment from those that have been there most of there lives. I'm 76 and this country has never been in this bad shape that I can remember even though the 1930s depression that it is today. Never though I'd see the day when a president of the US would not even have to show his birth certificate to prove that he is a citezen of the US. All the moral values of years ago are gone, most of them have a girl friend some where on the side. I always thought they were suppose to set an example, like the school teachers of years ago did. A lot of people including myself have little or no respect for those people in Washington, it seems they do just what they want. I always though they were working for the citizens of this country. If I live to see them bums get voted out of washington that will probably be the happiest day of my life. That will be like the return of christ. Herb."

Identifying Fears and Objections

This page is set up as a place for you to post comments about any fear or objections that are not addressed in the FAQ Section of this site, or to leave a comment if our answer to an objection or fear already addressed isn't clear enough.  You must first register on the site before you can leave a comment.

If we are going to pull this project off, we have to present a completely compelling case for why we all need to take this action. PLEASE only leave comments related to this topic.

Thanks in advance for your help.

To read all the Fears and Objections that have already been asked see the FAQ Section.
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