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The Kick Them All Out Project

The Emergence Of Orwellian Newspeak And The Death Of Free Speech

By John W. Whitehead
June 29, 2015

    “If you don’t want a man unhappy politically, don’t give him two sides to a question to worry him; give him one. Better yet, give him none. Let him forget there is such a thing as war. If the government is inefficient, top-heavy, and tax-mad, better it be all those than that people worry over it…. Give the people contests they win by remembering the words to more popular songs or the names of state capitals or how much corn Iowa grew last year. Cram them full of noncombustible data, chock them so damned full of ‘facts’ they feel stuffed, but absolutely ‘brilliant’ with information. Then they’ll feel they’re thinking, they’ll get a sense of motion without moving. And they’ll be happy, because facts of that sort don’t change.” ― Ray Bradbury, Fahrenheit 451

How do you change the way people think? You start by changing the words they use.

In totalitarian regimes—a.k.a. police states—where conformity and compliance are enforced at the end of a loaded gun, the government dictates what words can and cannot be used. In countries where the police state hides behind a benevolent mask and disguises itself as tolerance, the citizens censor themselves, policing their words and thoughts to conform to the dictates of the mass mind.

Obama signs anti-protest Trespass Bill

US President Barack Obama

March 10, 2012

Only days after clearing Congress, US President Barack Obama signed his name to H.R. 347 on Thursday, officially making it a federal offense to cause a disturbance at certain political events — essentially criminalizing protest in the States.

RT broke the news last month that H.R. 347, the Federal Restricted Buildings and Grounds Improvement Act of 2011, had overwhelmingly passed the US House of Representatives after only three lawmakers voted against it. On Thursday this week, President Obama inked his name to the legislation and authorized the government to start enforcing a law that has many Americans concerned over how the bill could bury the rights to assemble and protest as guaranteed in the US Constitution.

Under H.R. 347, which has more commonly been labeled the Trespass Bill by Congress, knowingly entering a restricted area that is under the jurisdiction of Secret Service protection can garner an arrest. The law is actually only a slight change to earlier legislation that made it an offense to knowingly and willfully commit such a crime. Under the Trespass Bill’s latest language chance, however, someone could end up in law enforcement custody for entering an area that they don’t realize is Secret Service protected and “engages in disorderly or disruptive conduct” or “impede[s] or disrupt[s] the orderly conduct of Government business or official functions.”

NY State Senators Say We’ve Got Too Much Free Speech; Introduce Bill To Fix That

By Mike Masnick
October 10, 2011

We’ve been pointing out a variety of attempts to push back on the First Amendment lately.

One fertile ground for such attacks are local politicians carrying the “cyberbullying” banner, in various attempts to magically outlaw being a “jerk” online, usually by making it illegal to offend someone online.  Of course, making someone’s action illegal based on how someone else feels about it is all kinds of crazy. It also would seem to violate the very principles of the First Amendment, which bar Congress (and local governments) from passing any laws that take away one’s right to free speech.

In the past, lawmakers pushing these laws have tended to simply ignore the First Amendment issue, and focus on screaming “protect the children!” as loudly as possible (never mind the fact that kids seem much less concerned about “bullying” than all these adults seem to think).

Illinois Judge Tosses Out Wiretapping Case, Declaring It Unconstitutional

By Carlos Miller

Thank you, Judge David Frankland.

Thank you for having the common sense to see that the Illinois wiretapping law is unconstitutional when abused.

Thank you for throwing out the case of Michael Allison, who was facing 75 years in prison for recording public officials - including a judge - without their consent.

That just leaves Christopher Drew, another Illinois man facing 15 years in prison for audio recording cops who were harassing him on a public street for selling art without a license.

His case was suspended after he was diagnosed with lung cancer earlier this year, according to Radley Balko.

But the charges still hang over him because the law is still intact.

Video: Breaking Australia's Silence: WikiLeaks and Freedom

Breaking Australia's silence: WikiLeaks and freedom' was a public forum held on 16 March 2011 at the Sydney Town Hall. The event was staged by the Sydney Peace Foundation, Amnesty, Stop the War Coalition, and supported by the City of Sydney.

Chaired by Mary Kostakidis, it featured speeches by John Pilger, Andrew Wilkie MP (the only serving Western intelligence officer to expose the truth about the Iraq invasion) and Julian Burnside QC, defender of universal human rights under the law.

Attendance: 2500

Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) Has Become A Danger To America!

By William Gheen
President of Americans for Legal Immigration PAC

A once revered civil rights group named the Southern Poverty Law Center has now become a threat to the freedoms and security of American citizens due to their repeated attacks on all First Amendment rights and their utter debasement of the political process.

Due to the severity of the consequences of the SPLC's actions on our nation, their well funded and organized repeated attacks on American freedoms of speech, the press, the right to peaceably assemble, and petition the government for a redress of grievances, let us as Americans of every race and creed unify in our calls for the dissolution and complete political destruction of the Southern Poverty Law Center..

Video: Holder Admits: No Equality Under Hate Bill - by Ted Pike

Holder Hate Speech Video Floods The Senate

By Ted Pike


NPN polls show dozens of Senatorial aides have watched our 10-minute video “Holder Admits: No Equality in Hate Bill.” Dozens more, both Democrat and Republican, are promising to watch it or pass it on to Senators.

With possibly only a week left before a Senate vote on hate bill S. 909, this video is the political dynamite that could blow apart the pro-hate bill Democratic coalition in the Senate!

Why?  It features Attorney General Holder flatly stating that, despite promising to do so, S. 909 will not protect all Americans who are victims of violent hate crime.  It will only protect a privileged minority, including homosexuals, blacks, and Jews.  Secondly, Holder can provide no example of even one state failing to enforce the law against hate criminals.

Courtesy of the U.S. Attorney General, this video knocks the foundation out from under the Matthew Shepard Hate Crimes Prevention Act.  It proves S. 909 is both discriminatory against most Americans and unneeded!

Hate Bill Will Ride On Defense Bill

By Rev. Ted Pike

According to the Washington Blade, the homosexual Human Rights Campaign and, "A senior Senate Democratic aide confirmed that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid intended to pass hate crimes legislation as an amendment to the fiscal year 2010 defense authorization bill. "We understand the House has concerns, but we have yet to find another vehicle that will work," the aide said." (<http://www.washblade.com/2009/7-3/news/national/14814.cfm>Hate crimes measure to ride on defense bill, July 3, 2009)
House members such as Rep. Barney Frank are "concerned" because Pres. Obama has promised to veto the arms bill since it will spend too much money on F-22 fighter jets. Frank recommends, according to the Blade, that the jet funding be reduced so that he and his fellow homosexuals may have an arms/hate bill package not offensive to the President.

Video: This is Where Hate Speech/Thought Laws Lead. Canada's Human Rights Commission Tribunal Horror Story

This is a story about a case up in Canada, a country that has passed hate thought/speech laws and establish a draconian bureaucracy called the Human Right Commission.  Make no mistake.  This is exactly what the fascists in the U.S. have in mind for all of us. 

Ezra Levant explains the situation surrounding a teacher and a pastor that was heard by the Commission. Steven Boissoin, the pastor in question, found out the hard way that in Canada your freedom of speech is surpassed by another person's right to not be offended. A costly lesson in this case.

This clip is taken from Micheal Coren's program on CTS originally uploaded by SDAMatt. It's from that source that the clips were edited.

Zionist Lobby Holds "Human Rights" Hostage

By Henry Makow, Ph.D.

"Human rights" have become dirty words in Canada because Zionists determine who will have them. Welcome to the future.

The Human Rights Commission, which investigates complaints, is lobbied intensely by the B'nai B'rith, the Canadian Jewish Congress and four other Zionist organizations. (The CJC has a four-man office in Ottawa.These schmoozers have reported countless meetings with CHRC since 1996.)

The CHRC then forwards the Zionists' complaints to the "Tribunal" which bills itself as an impartial court. But the Tribunal has never refused to hear a case, NO MATTER HOW BASELESS. Nor has any complaint been settled in favor of the defendant.

"A court where the rulings go only one way is the very definition of a show trial," writes The Ottawa Citizen. "These institutions should be the source of shame to Canadians."  (Dec.9 2007)
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