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Where's sense of crisis in a 17% government shutdown?

By Byron York
October 6, 2013

Everyone knows the phrase "government shutdown" doesn't mean the entire U.S. government is shut down. So in a partial government shutdown, like the one underway at the moment, how much of the government is actually shut down, and how much is not?

One way to measure that is in how much money the government spends. In a conversation Thursday, a Republican member of Congress mentioned that the military pay act, passed by Congress and signed by President Obama at the beginning of the shutdown, is actually a huge percentage of the government's discretionary spending in any given year. And that is still flowing. So if you took that money, and added it to all the entitlement spending that is unaffected by a shutdown, plus all the areas of spending that are exempted from a shutdown, and added it all together, how much of the federal government's total spending is still underway even though the government is technically shut down?

Rand Paul Returning $500K In Office Budget To Treasury

By Scott Wong
January 12, 2012

Freshman Sen. Rand Paul is making good on his promise to cut federal spending. The Kentucky Republican and tea-party favorite said Thursday he’s returning $500,000 to the U.S. Treasury — money from his operating budget that his office never spent.

The half million dollars represents about 16 percent of Paul’s annual budget. He contended no senator had returned as much to taxpayers, though at least two senators disputed that claim. An aide to Sen. Johnny Isakson (R-Ga.) said his office returned $636,036 in unspent money to the Treasury in Fiscal Year 2010 and another $503,161 in 2011.

“I ran to stop the reckless spending. And I ran to end the damaging process of elected officials acting as errand boys, competing to see who could bring back the biggest check and the most amount of pork,” Paul said at a news conference in Louisville, where he presented taxpayers with a massive mock check for $500,000.

“I hope this sets an example for the rest of government — at all levels,” he added. “We can carry out our duties in a fiscally responsible way. Government can be both smart and efficient. We are proving that — and trying to convince the rest of Washington.”

Paul is the son of GOP presidential candidate Ron Paul and co-founded the Senate tea party caucus. As the younger Paul stumped for his father in Iowa and New Hampshire, there’s been plenty of speculation that Rand Paul could launch a presidential bid of his own in 2016.

U.S. Government Wastes Half of Taxpayer Funds

Press TV

A new Gallup poll shows American citizens believe that the US federal government squanders over half of every dollar the taxpayers pay to the government.

According to the survey, ordinary Americans estimate that the federal government wastes 51 cents of every dollar it spends, the Gallup polling organization reported Monday.

The question put to the survey respondents was, “Of every tax dollar that goes to the federal government in Washington D.C., how many cents of each dollar would you say are wasted?”

The result marks a new high since 1979 in public belief about the extent of waste by the federal government in the expenditure of taxpayer money. The lowest government waste figure reported in a similar public survey was 38 cents per taxpayer dollar, recorded in 1986.

Washington Post: Obama Green Jobs Cost $5 Million Each

By Dan Gainor
Business And Media Institute

The Washington Post might be a day late and $38 billion short, but it’s being honest about Barack Obama’s failed green jobs program. According to the Post, the “$38.6 billion loan guarantee program” has created just “3,545 new, permanent jobs” “after giving out almost half the allocated amount.”

For those not doing the math at home, that means more than $5 million per job.

The Post outlined Obama administration promises to “create or save 65,000 jobs” in the green jobs category. What it left out was that, while campaigning, Obama promised to create 5 million “green” jobs. He’s about 4,996,455 short.

The green jobs program has come under scrutiny following “the collapse of Solyndra, a solar-panel maker whose closure could leave taxpayers on the hook for as much as $527 million.”

1934 Chicago Tribune Political Cartoon - Nothing Has Changed

Chicago Tribune

This is an amazing Chicago Tribune political cartoon from 1934.  The same folks that gave us the Great Depression, our loving BANKSTER lunatic buddies, are giving it to us all over again.  Each and every time they do this they consolidate more power into fewer and fewer hands.

Van Hollen Says Health Bill Can Pass Senate With 51 Votes

By Jonathan D. Salant

Even if Democrats lose the Jan. 19 special election to pick a new Massachusetts senator, Congress may still pass a health-care overhaul by using a process called reconciliation, a top House Democrat said.

That procedure requires 51 votes rather than the 60 needed to prevent Republicans from blocking votes on President Barack Obama’s top legislative priorities. That supermajority is at risk as the Massachusetts race has tightened.

“Even before Massachusetts and that race was on the radar screen, we prepared for the process of using reconciliation,” said Chris Van Hollen of Maryland, chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.

“Getting health-care reform passed is important,” Van Hollen said in an interview on Bloomberg Television’s “Political Capital with Al Hunt,” airing this weekend. “Reconciliation is an option.”

Congress Raises Debt Ceiling to $12.4 Trillion!

By Lauri Kellman

The Senate voted Thursday to raise the ceiling on the government debt to $12.4 trillion, a massive increase over the current limit and a political problem that President Barack Obama has promised to address next year.

The Senate's rare Christmas Eve vote, 60-39, follows House passage last week and raises the debt ceiling by $290 billion. The vote split mainly down party lines, with Democrats voting to raise the limit and Republicans voting against doing so. There was one defection on each side, by senators whose seats will be on the ballot next year: GOP Sen. George Voinovich of Ohio and Democratic Sen. Evan Bayh of Indiana. Sen. Jim Bunning, R-Ky., did not vote.

"I would not support raising the debt ceiling because Congress has not adopted a credible process to restrain spending and eliminate red ink," Bayh said a statement after the vote.

Video: Tim Hawkins - The Government Can

This is a funny yet horribly true new music video sung by comedian Tim Hawkins to the tune of 'The Candy Man."

How Your Government Works

Once upon a time the government had a vast scrap yard in the middle of a desert. 

Congress said, "Someone may steal from it at night..." So they created a night watchman position and hired a person for the job.

Then Congress said, "How does the watchman do his job without instruction?"

So they created a planning department and hired two people, one person to write the instructions, and one person to do time studies.

With Economy In A Shambles - Guess Who Gives Themselves A Raise!? Yep. Congress!

Just as we predicted, Congress gave themselves another raise for the fine job of screwing us they've been doing.  Another $4700!   How'd you like a raise like that this year?  Instead of a raise, millions of Americans are being thrown out of their homes and losing their jobs as a result of the total complicity of the U.S. Congress is the absolute raping and pillaging of this nation by Wall Street.  Makes Me Sick!

So great job American voters.  You allowed 96% of the incumbents to be reelected so they can give themselves a raise and continue screwing us into the ground for another two years.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

By Jordy Yager

A crumbling economy, more than 2 million constituents who have lost their jobs this year, and congressional demands of CEOs to work for free did not convince lawmakers to freeze their own pay.

Instead, they will get a $4,700 pay increase, amounting to an additional $2.5 million that taxpayers will spend on congressional salaries, and watchdog groups are not happy about it.

“As lawmakers make a big show of forcing auto executives to accept just $1 a year in salary, they are quietly raiding the vault for their own personal gain,” said Daniel O’Connell, chairman of The Senior Citizens League (TSCL), a non-partisan group. “This money would be much better spent helping the millions of seniors who are living below the poverty line and struggling to keep their heat on this winter.”
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