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The Kick Them All Out Project

Other Important Web Sites


9-11 Truth Sites

Architects and Engineers for 9-11 Truth
Fire Fighters for 9-11 Truth
911 Blogger


Judicial Watch

Anti Incumbent Sites

Throw Them Out!

Best "Real News" and Information Sites

Accuracy In Media
Constitutional TV
Jeff Rense  this site has a ton of info, some wacky, some hard news you won't find anywhere else.
One Dollar DVD Project  this site provides very inexpensive DVDs for those who want to spread the news or who don't have a fast internet connection.
Prison Planet
TV News LIES  a great website that teaches you how to spot media deception
What Really

Census Rights  Know your rights concerning the U.S. Census

The Constitution

Friends of the Constitution
Interactive Constitution - Amazing tool for learning what's actually in the Constitution and what it means.
Citizens of the American Constitution - Learn the practical application of the Constitution and why we need it.
National Center for Constitutional Studies - Learn Constitution.  Great
The Constitution Forum - A site to examine and comment on issues affecting how we are governed. It will also attempt to determine if Americans, in general, favor constitutional reform.

Corporate Tyranny
Stop Big Media

Crimes Against Children Institutionalized child abuse, CPS, Foster Care Crimes, etc.

Model Families - Campaign to expose the corruption of our Florida Family Court sytem, along with the Florida Bar and it's public servants.

Education Issues

The Deliberate Dumbing Down of American


Network America We know a secret about how America works. And we want you to know, too.  On this Website is Found the Two-Part Necessary Strategy to restore
Political Empowerment to the Everyday American of conscience.
Part 1: The Precinct Project, county by county, state by state
Part II: Restoring open, verifiable vote-counting in the USA

Black Box  working hard to prevent vote fraud
True Vote - working to end paperless electronic voting in the United States.
Election Defense Alliance - Voting counts when you vote is counted
      Ohio Election Justice Campaign
White House For Sale - Follows the money
Your State Representatives Interesting site that checks politicians lies.  Guide to the money in U.S. elections

Candiate Info
New York Freedom Candiates

Financial News

Government Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports - Trillions in tax surpluses!

Flouride Info

Flouide Action Network - Learn the truth about Flouridation

Forclosure Assistance - An invaluable resource for the latest info on how to fight the predatory banks that are stealing homes all over the country.
Forclosure Defense Nationwide - This site provides info on how to fight the banks when they attempt to steal your home.

Global Warming "Reality"

The Petition Project: Detailed Report on truth about atmospheric CO2 and the fact that it shows no harmful climactic effects.  Signed by 19,000 scientists!
The New Zealand Climate Science Coalition
- Great resource for the truth about global warming and what causes it.
Government Info
Contacting Congress  A very up-to-date database of congressional contact information
Library of Congress Government Resources Links

Gun Rights - The Right to be able to Defend Yourself & Your Family

Gun Owners of America  The NRA is NOT what you think it is.  Support GOA instead!
Health and Nutrition
Natural Solutions Foundation  Health Freedom Threats: Codex, FDA, Vaccinations, GMOs
Natural News

Illegal Immigration

Rescue Without Boarders

Kindred Spirit Web Sites

Vote Out Politicians
Fed Up USA

Legislation Info Sites

Govit  This site tracks all the current MOUNTAIN of legislation being cranked out by our useless government.
Downsize DC's Make Congress Read The Laws It Passes

Marijuana Decriminalization

Who Smokes Pot If people would just admit that they smoke(d), too, the millions and millions of us would be the hundredth monkey (I know it didn’t really work) and the whole house of cards would fall.

Militia Info

The Committees Of Safety Supporting State legislators in performing their most important Constitutional duties.

Military Industrial Complex

Halliburton Watch

North American Union

Stop The Security and Prosperity Partnership
Police State/Big Brother
Info On FEMA Prison Camps
Political Action/Information
The Citizen's Party - Real News - Real Talk - Real People
From Reason To Freedom - promoting thinking for oneself, thus helping to create a free, benevolent society.
Downsize D.C. - fantastic site that details very specific actions we all need to support and demand Congress enact.
Radio Networks Worth Listening To
The Plains Radio Network - Sugar free TRUTH
The GCN Radio Network - A Real News Pioneer
Republic Radio Network - Real News - Real Talk - Real People
State Sovereignty
States Stand For Constitutional Sovereignty - This site supports and defends every state declaring it's sovereignty over the federal government.
Tenth Amendement Center - To ensure that powers not expressly delegated to the federal government could still be exercised by the states, the Tenth Amendment was enacted.
Dr. Mercola's Web Site - Info on legally avoiding vaccines.
Vaccination Liberation Web Site
    Exemption Forms Page
National Vaccine Information Center
Educate Yourself Web Site on Vaccine Dangers

True Torah - Jews Against Zionism
Neturei Karta - Jews United Against Zionism

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