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Obama Creates World's First Superstate With US-Canada Merger

EU Times

In a shocking coup d’état said to rival Nazi Germany’s 1938 Anschluss (German for “link-up”) of the Austrian Republic, the United States this past week effectively took control of Canada creating what is being called by Russian diplomatic officials as the world’s first 21st Century “Superstate”.

The United States announcement of this “merger” between these two North American Nations was made February 4th by a posting on the WhiteHouse.Gov website of President Obama and which, in part, says:

“Today, President Barack Obama and Prime Minister Stephen Harper have directed the creation of a United States-Canada Regulatory Cooperation Council (RCC), composed of senior regulatory, trade, and foreign affairs officials from both governments. In recognition of our $1 trillion annual trade and investment relationship, the RCC has a two-year mandate to work together to promote economic growth, job creation, and benefits to our consumers and businesses through increased regulatory transparency and coordination.

They have directed that the first meeting of the RCC be convened within 90 days by the relevant agencies in the United States and Canada.”

Concealed in the “diplo-speak” wording of this historic agreement, however, is the complete overturning of the sovereignty of both the American and Canadian peoples laws and regulations they have lived under for centuries, but which will now be “melded” together with no votes allowed by either of them ever again.

Obama To Attend North American Union Meeting

Pledge to remove secrecy surrounding Leader’s summit remains unfulfilled

By Steve Watson


President Obama will attend the controversial Security and Prosperity Partnership meeting with Mexican President Felipe Calderon and Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper next month, it has been revealed.

The White House had not responded to requests to verify Obama’s schedule during the second week of August, however, a statement from Press Secretary Robert Gibbs titled “Upcoming Travel by the President,” confirms that Obama will attend the recently re-branded

“The president will travel to Guadalajara, Mexico, August 9-10 to attend the North American Leaders Summit with Mexican President Felipe Calderon and Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper,” the announcement, reported by World Net Daily, states.

Another North American Union - SPP Meeting Going On In Secret

Once again the leaders of Canada, Mexico and the U.S. are engaged in secret meetings of the Security and Prosperity Partnership, SPP, which is the framework for a North American Union that is being formed by corporate interests, in total cooperation with members of all three governments, without any public debate of oversight.   Our country is literally being sold out from under us, right in our faces, while the president and everyone else involved in this treason LIE right in our faces about it.

Our So-Called Leaders Are Taking Us Down The Exact Same Road To Total Tyranny That Europe is Following

By Henry Lamb

It doesn't happen quickly. It's been a half-century since the European Common Market was created to enhance cross-border trade in coal and steel among six European countries. The next 40 years saw the idea of cross-border "harmonization" expand into the European Community, with the 1992 Maastricht Treaty. With the signing of the Lisbon Treaty in December 2007, 27 European nations are on the verge of becoming one consolidated state.

The North American Free Trade Agreement, which went into force in 1994, is supposed to function much the same as the European Common Market, by removing tariffs on goods traded among the member nations. The Security and Prosperity Partnership, launched in 2005, is building a North American Community. This process is designed to "harmonize" and "integrate" cross-border rules and regulations. Following the European blueprint, the next step is the creation of a North American Union.

Video: The Real Face of the European Union - The Same Face is On The North American Union

The EU has been sold to Britain as our best hope for the future . . . But behind the scenes, has another, more unsettling agenda been unfolding? The European Economic Community (EEC) began for Britain as a free-trade agreement in 1972. Today's European Union is well on its way to becoming a federal superstate, complete with one currency, one legal system, one military, one police force – even its own national anthem. In this shocking new documentary featuring EU insiders and commentators, independent author Phillip Day covers the history and goals of the European Union, as well as the disturbing, irrevocable implications this new government has for every British citizen. Whether the viewer is for or against Britain's participation, this film asks the troubling questions the mainstream media has refused to confront.
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Video: What Exactly Is The NAFTA Super Highway?

First Texas, then the nation.

This short clip explains exactly what the NAFTA Super Highway is and how it's starting in Texas with the TransTexas Corridor, the first leg of the NAFTA Super Highway.  If they get away with it in Texas, it will barrel right through the rest of the country. 

It's absolutely outrageous that government, on all levels, is handing over the infrastructure of our country to foreign interest for virtually nothing.  It's time we all wake up to what's going on . . . before it's too late.  Plato said "the price good men pay for ignoring public affairs is that they are ruled by evil men."  Is there really any doubt that this is true?
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The North American Union Is Already Here

Bush 'super-state' documents sought, FOIA request filed to expose plans for 'North American union'

World Net Daily | June 20 2006

Author Jerome Corsi filed a Freedom of Information Act request yesterday asking for full disclosure of the activities of an office implementing a trilateral agreement with Mexico and Canada that apparently could lead to a North American union, despite having no authorization from Congress.

As WorldNetDaily reported, the White House has established working groups, under the North American Free Trade Agreement office in the Department of Commerce, to implement the Security and Prosperity Partnership, or SPP, signed by President Bush, Mexican President Vicente Fox and then-Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin in Waco, Texas, March 23, 2005.

Corsi specifically has requested the partnership's membership lists, constitutive documents, meeting minutes, meeting agendas and meeting schedules as well as all findings, reports, presentations or memoranda.

Audio: Jerome Corsi Inteview on the North American Union

This eye-opening interview conducted by Alex Jones with Dr. Jerome Corsi brings you important info on exactly what our so-called leaders are doing to dissolve this nation into a North American Union, a critical objective required by the globalists to make their vision of a world government a reality. This is actually happening my friends, right under our noses, without any public debate.  Our government is betraying us and selling us out as fast as they possibly can,before too many of us wake up to stop them.

Video: Proof Our Representatives Are Selling Us Out!

If you haven't already heard, our leaders are intent on destroying this country and lie every step of the way as they do it. Blatant evidence has finally reached the mainstream media via the one of the only newscaster that seems to have control over his own shows content, Lou Dobbs. Our leaders are aggressively working with the corporate special interests to establish a North American Union, to merge Mexico, the United States and Canada. Their ultimate goal is to eliminate that pesky Constitution and Bill of Rights , which they are on the verge of doing if we don't snap out of it and stop them. Check out the CNN clip below:

U.S., Canada and Mexico's North American Union Project

Canada and Bush's North American Union Project
By Rodrigue Tremblay
Online Journal Guest Writer

"In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military-industrial complex. The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists and will persist." --Dwight D. Eisenhower (1890-1969), 34th US President, Farewell Address, Jan. 17, 1961

“An agreement [with the U.S.] to harmonize trade, security, or defence practices would, in the end, require Canada and Mexico to . . . cede to the United States power over foreign trade and investment, environmental regulation, immigration, and, to a large degree, foreign policy, and even monetary and fiscal policy.” --Roy McLaren, former liberal trade minister

Look for a very strong backlash coming from the Canadian people, but also from the American and Mexican peoples, once they clearly understand what the Bush-Calderon-Harper trio has been concocting in near complete secrecy and with nearly no public debate whatsoever, over the last few years.

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