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The Kick Them All Out Project

Survival Seed Vault

This is a great product that can be had for under $40 and has enough seeds to plant a huge garden year after year as these seeds are non-hybrid heirloom seeds. Perfect for seed saving.

My Patriot Supply Long-Term Storage Food

Emergency Survival Foods
We are proud to offer you the Patriot Pantry long-term storage food supplies created by My Patriot Supply.  Every family concerned with self-reliance and emergency preparedness should stock emergency survival food.  These non GMO meals have a 25 year shelf life, are easy to prepare, have no added MSG, and are incredibly healthy, tasty, and nutritious.  Browse our entire long term storage food options.  Choose from 2 weeks, 4 weeks, 3 month, 6 month, and 1 year emergency food supplies.

What happens when the food runs out?  Be sure and purchase affordable Heritage Seeds packed for long-term storage and discover how survival gardening should also be part of your preparedness strategy.

Wise Food - Company Quality Prepared long-Term Storable Foods for Emergency Preparedness

Jurisdictionary - How To Win In Court Without A Lawyer!

Be a Winner!
  • Know how to win in court with easy-to-learn courtroom tactics.
  • Sample forms and research for pro se litigants without a lawyer.
  • Evidence rules, pleadings, objections, civil or criminal cases.
  • Any court, any case: foreclosure, credit card, divorce, and more.
  • Use the same case-winning tactics lawyers use to win in court.
  • #1 Weekend Law School Since 1997

Silver Lungs Ionic/Colloidal Silver Solution Generator

I personally use this generator and it works flawlessly every time.
It can make a lifetime supply of ionic colloidal silver for a tiny fraction
of buying it already prepared.

Bruce - Founder of the KTAO Project

The SilverLungs Generator
is a reliable and highly cost-effective home-based generator the produces extremely small particles of (0.9999) pure elemental silver as well as trillions of silver ions.

Those who are familiar with the countless benefits of silver know that buying and consuming silver solutions regularly can be quite costly. As well, having the ability to create endless silver solution on-site cann be vital in times of need.

Nitro-Pak: The Finest Long-Term Storable Foods

Unlike many "virtual" internet companies, we have over 50,000 products IN-STOCK. Nitro-Pak® offers one of the MOST COMPLETE and AFFORDABLE selections of Emergency Preparedness Gear and Food Storage products on the planet! We have built our business by providing superior "peace-of-mind" products and industry leading customer service.

Harry Weyandt, President
Harry Weyandt
In addition, we make ordering SIMPLE & EASY and back every purchase with OUR UNMATCHED 120-Day Guarantee. PLUS, if you find a Lower Price on an in-stock item, we'll match it! See for yourself why 1,000's of people each year choose Nitro-Pak for all their preparedness needs. We've been here for 23 years and counting. WE WANT YOUR BUSINESS!

Visit Nitro-Pak here!


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