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A Message from Founder of GOFoods On The Need To Be Prepared

 You Need To Secure Your Ready Reserve Food Supply NOW!

With an agrarian society under the control of big business and big government, our modern food supply is almost completely out of our control. With few exceptions, we have become increasingly dependent on others to feed us. Even more, tillers of the soil are disappearing at alarming rates while fast food restaurants are multiplying. Imagine what would happen if food supplies were suddenly unable to reach grocery stores and restaurants for a variety of reasons. Where would you turn for your next meal?

Buying a farm and growing your own food is an unlikely option for most, even if you had the time and resources. What if you could invest in food reserves instead and protect your family…come what may? During times of need, food is worth its weight in gold and more… much more!

Now imagine delicious meals you can prepare with ease and use today or store for the future. Would that empower you and free you from outside influences? We hope you agree with us in our belief that food in times of need will set you free!

Welcome to GOFoods where we sustain families in taking ownership of their personal food supply and personal economy. In our view, when you have food, you control your life in every way necessary. When you have delicious food, you are twice blessed.

Combining the finest nutrient-dense, fresh-from-the-garden ingredients available, our GOFoods products set the new gold standard in storable foods. Order some now and protect your good life with something that’s truly good for you.

We all know the bankers are devaluing the dollar at breakneck speed.  Since the Federal Reserve came into being in 1913 our dollar has been devalued by 95%.  A dollar today has the buying power of 5¢ back in 1913Our paper money will soon be absolutely worthless the way things are going. In the 1923 Germany experienced the crash of their currency. It was cheaper to burn Marks than to buy firewood!  

If, as a growing number of economists are predicting, we experience a global financial collapse, your food will be many times more precious than gold or anything else.

In such a scenario, police and emergency services will be unable to cope with the social unrest. Grocery stores will be picked clean in no time and it could take months to see social order restored.

You may think that, with a supply of gold and silver, you'll be able to buy whatever you need, but food is our greatest dependency and in an economic meltdown, it may not be available at any price.

It just makes sense, in the current uncertain economic environment, to invest in precious metals only after you have set aside enough food for yourself and your family. A little extra for friends and relatives would be even better.

If those predicting financial meltdown are wrong, we can all breath a sigh of relief, thank the Creator for our good fortune and you can still eat your food. But if they're right and you have no food, all the gold in the world won't save you.

Once you taste how great this food is you can start building up your essential supply of storable food by joining eFoods global as an independent business owner and buy direct at wholesale prices!

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Lessons From Argentina's Economic Collapse - Part 4

By Esteban Morales

Part Four

A LIST OF THINGS THAT "If you had it to do over again" YOU WOULD GET.

Nomad came up with this one. It's a good idea because it may help some of you from making the same mistakes I did. There are things you don't think about until you need them, and then it's too late.

OK, If I had to do all this from scratch? Say, for example, if I had a 2 year warning, fairy godmother appears one night , all dressed in blue waving a magic wand, saying " Your country will go down the sewer in 2 years, consider yourself warned dear"

There are several things I would have done differently, and things I would have bought:
Food: I'll get to the food issue soon enough, but you can never have too much canned, or other long shelf life food. This was probably one of my greatest mistakes, I overlooked the food problem.

I was talking to my wife today while driving, asked her the same question Nomad asked me "what would you do if you could go back in time, before the 2001 crisis".

My wife, though smart, isn't much into preparedness, but she answered "I'd buy food" in a heartbeat.

"Don't you remember that you could only buy one small bottle of oil at a time, same with sugar, flour and milk. Don't you remember all those empty shelves at the supermarket.?"

Definitely, more food, specially food that lasts for a few years.

Lessons From Argentina's Economic Collapse - Part 3

By Esteban Morales

Part Three

Studying the SHTF at the University: Dark omens:

I forgot it! Darn, same as the gold stuff but worse, much worse. I've never been good at remembering some things, like numbers and names of people I meet, I forget those (instantly), they just flee my mind, uneventfully, but I do remember some other things that don't seem to be as important. I do remember living in USA as a kid. I remember my school, Pierce School, Don't remember exactly were it was, because we lived some in Boston, Massachusetts and some in New Hampshire. I remember my best friend, Freddy, and a girl (why is there always a girl? ) Samantha, Sam. She was red haired and tall, I had a picture of her playing together but I lost it. Some time between the age of 3 and 26 I lost that picture that was so dear to me. I remember the smell of an orange shaped "scratch and smell" sticker my kindergarten teacher stuck in a small book we made once. But I almost forgot this forever. This, this was important, a moment where the life we once knew stopped existing, and a group of students, in a class room that looked like and abandoned building, realized it, all 60 of us at the same time.

It's 1:06 AM over here. I just finished showering and my wife and son are asleep. I was putting shampoo on my hair, thinking about what I wrote today on this post, and remembered the exact moment when I realized along with several other people, not only that TSHTF (that we all knew) but that the world we once new no longer existed, and that this was not a hurricane, this was an ice age period, it wouldn't just go away.

Lessons From Argentina's Economic Collapse - Part 2

By Esteban Morales

Part Two


Someone hit me in the head please because I messed up about the gold issue.

Everyone wants to buy gold! "I buy gold. Pay cash" signs are everywhere, even on TV! I can't believe I'm that silly!

I just didn't relate it to what I read here because they deal with junk gold, like jewelry, either stolen or sold because they needed the money, not the gold coins that you guys talk about. No one pays for the true value of the stuff, so big WARNING! Sign on people that are buying gold coins.

Since it is impossible to determine the true mineral percentage of gold, small shops and dealers will pay for it as regular jewelry gold.

What I would do if I were you: Besides gold coins, buy a lot of small gold rings and other jewelry. They should be less expensive than gold coins, and if the SHTF bad, you'll not be losing money, selling premium quality gold coins for the price of junk gold. If I could travel back in time, I'd buy a small bag worth of gold rings.

Small time thieves will snatch gold chains right out of your neck and sell them at these small dealers found everywhere. This is VERY common at train stations, subways and other crowded areas.

Lessons From Argentina's Economic Collapse - Part 1

This Story Found On SilverBearCafe.com

Download PDF copy of all 4 parts

The article that follows is a very sobering account of the effect that the collapse of the Argentine economy (1999 - 2002) had on its citizens, as seen through the eyes of one of them. The economic collapse wiped out the middle class and raised the level of poverty to 57.5%. Central to the collapse was the implementation of neo-liberal policies which enabled the swindle of billions of dollars by foreign banks and corporations. Many of Argentina's assets and resources were shamefully plundered. Its financial system was even used for money laundering by Citibank, Credit Suisse, and JP Morgan (sound familar?). The net result was massive wealth transfers and the impoverishment of society which culminated in many deaths due to oppression and malnutrition. I am not sure the same thing is about to happen here, but I am sure that there is a distinct possibility that it might. Just food for thought.

Also See Related Documentary about this orchistrated collapse here.

By Esteban Morales

Wednesday, 13 December 2006

For western countries such as the UK, the first major problems of Peak Oil, assuming there are no oil shocks, will not be the shortage of oil but the economic crises that will occur. Argentina is a recent example of a country that suffered a serious economic crisis, and although Argentina and the UK are not identical, anyone interested in how economic crises can affect individual lives will be very interested in the following vivid description of life for an Argentinian following the economic collapse.

My brother visited Argentina a few weeks ago. He's been living in Spain for a few years now.

Within the first week, he go sick, some kind of strong flu, even though climate isn't that cold and he took care of himself.

Without a doubt he got sick because there are lots of new viruses in my country that can't be found in 1st world countries.

The misery and famine lead us to a situation where, even though you have food, shelter and health care, most others don't, and therefore they get sick and spread the diseases all over the region.

What got me started on this post is the fact that I actually saw this coming, and posted on the subject here at Frugal's, months before the new viruses spread over the country and the news started talking about this new, health emergency, which proves that talking, thinking and sharing ideas with like minded people (you guys), does help to see things coming and prepare for them with enough time.

So I started thinking about several issues, what I learned (either the hard way or thanks to this forum) after all these years of living in a collapsed country that is trying to get out an economical disaster and everything that comes along with it.

Though my English is limited, I hope I'm able to transmit the main ideas and concepts, giving you a better image of what you may have to deal with some day, if the economy collapses in your country.
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