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The Kick Them All Out Project

Audio: May 26, 2009 - Sheriff Richard Mack

May 26, 2009 - Sheriff Richard Mack
This week got off to a rough start.  I forgot to start the recorder until the end of the first segment.  Too bad too because the first segment was pretty good.  But the rest of the show made up for it as I'm joined by Sheriff Richard Mac and the great good news . . .  in your county, the Sheriff has more power than the President of the United States. Richard Mack is the former sheriff of Graham County, Arizona, and long-time crusader for freedom and individual rights. Right now, it is vital that we restore the Constitution as the supreme law of the land. The greatest threat we face today is not terrorists; it is our own federal government. If America is conquered or ruined it will be from within, not a foreign enemy. Sheriff Mac will teach you about the FACT that if every Sheriff in this country understood their power and honored their oath of office, we would have our Constitutional Republic back tomorrow! Sheriff Mack's website.
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Audio: May 19, 2009 - Guest Janette MacKinley on 9-11 and Jim Condit on the Precinct Project

May 19, 2009 - Jenette MacKinley - on 9-11 and Jim Condit on the Petition Project
This week I'm joined by Janette MacKinley in the first hour. She was about 100 yards from the twin towers on September 11, 2001 and has been fighting for a new investigation. Her latest effort is the New York City Citizens for Accountability Now that is trying to get a referendum on the ballot to demand NYC open a new investigation.

The second hour guest is Jim Condit who has a very powerful and effect strategy to take back control of our election process and rid both political parties of it's totally corrupted leadership. This is an must hear for everyone that truly wants to take back the government.
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Audio: May 12, 2009 - Guest Dr. Floy Lilley On The Global Warming Scam

May 12, 2009 - Dr. Floy Lilley - Global Warming SCAM
IThis week I'm joined by the brilliant Dr. Lilley as she goes into great detail about what's really behind the global warming scam and debunks Al Gore's Inconvenient Truth.
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Audio: April 28, 2009 - Guest Chirs Simcox Running Against John McCain

April 28 , 2009 - Chris Simcox - Challening John McCain
I'm joined with co-host Ralph Evans for this interveiw since I'm not very skilled at conventional politics. The task of Firing Congress requires citizens to step up to the plate and challenge the corrupt, entrenched politicians. I think you'll be impressed with Mr. Simcox.   Simcox For Senate Website.
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Audio: April 21, 2009 - Your Host and Kenneth Thompson aka The Inhabitant

April 21, 2009 - Special Guest Kenneth Thompson aka The Inhabitant
The topic for this show is how those in power corrupt and mislead citizens through administrative bureaucracies and their fraudulent rules and regulations. Kenneth has a JustinTV channel called The Inhabitant where you can learn how to deal with the fraudulent legal system that entraps us all.
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Audio: April 14, 2009 - Your Host and Martin Nitschke

April 14, 2009 - Special Guest Martin Nitschke
This week I had quite a cold setting in and a very bad sore throat. One of my colleges 'bailed me out' and joined the show in the second segment through to the end of the show. Martin Nitschke and I talk about the whole political landscape and more importantly, what we can do about the mess we're all in. This is a great, great show.  Many thanks to Martin for saving my bacon!
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Audio: April 7, 2009 - The Economy with Bob Chapam and Allex Wallenwein

April 7 , 2009 - Show on Economy and Congress's Part In It All
This week I have Mr. Bob Chapman of the International Forcaster on in the first hour. Mr. Chapman has about half a century of experience in the financial markets and world affairs, giving us insight into the reality of what the global bankers are doing to the world right now. After listening to this first hour, you will understand just how desperate our situation really is.

In the second hour I'm joined with Alex Wallenwein and we discuss the financial crisis and it's connection to the fact that Congress is authorizing absolutely everything that is happening. If the Congress were not just rubber stamping everything these bankers wish to do, we would not be in the dire straights we are in.
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Audio: March 24, 2009 - Your Host and Lt. Dennis Morrisseau

March 24, 2009 - Your Host and Lt. Dennis Morrisseau
This was my second show. I had thought I'd scheduled Bob Chapman for the first hour, but messed up. Wonderful, my first guest and I got the scheduling wrong! Oh well, I managed to do an empassioned monologue for the first hour. Then I was joined by Lt. Dennis Morrisseau, a man who embraced the need to remove Congress long before I did. This is a great second show!

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