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Video: Amazing Mind Reader Reveals His 'Gift'

Looming Health Crisis: Wireless Technology and the Toxification of America

By Prof. James F. Tracy
Global Research
July 8, 2012

As a multitude of hazardous wireless technologies are deployed in homes, schools and workplaces, government officials and industry representatives continue to insist on their safety despite growing evidence to the contrary. A major health crisis looms that is only hastened through the extensive deployment of “smart grid” technology.

In October 2009 at Florida Power and Light’s (FPL) solar energy station President Barack Obama announced that $3.4 billion of the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act would be devoted to the country’s “smart energy grid” transition. Matching funds from the energy industry brought the total national Smart Grid investment to $8 billion. FPL was given $200 million of federal money to install 2.5 million “smart meters” on homes and businesses throughout the state.[1]

By now many residents in the United States and Canada have the smart meters installed on their dwellings. Each of these meters is equipped with an electronic cellular transmitter that uses powerful bursts of electromagnetic radiofrequency (RF) radiation to communicate with nearby meters that together form an interlocking network transferring detailed information on residents’ electrical usage back to the utility every few minutes or less. Such information can easily be used to determine individual patterns of behavior based on power consumption.

The smart grid technology is being sold to the public as a way to “empower” individual energy consumers by allowing them to access information on their energy usage so that they may eventually save money by programming “smart” (i.e, wireless enabled) home appliances and equipment that will coordinate their operability with the smart meter to run when electrical rates are lowest. In other words, a broader plan behind smart grid technology involves a tiered rate system for electricity consumption that will be set by the utility to which customers will have no choice but to conform.

Because of power companies’ stealth rollout of smart meters a large majority of the public still remains unaware of the dangers they pose to human health. This remains the case even though states such as Maine have adopted an "opt out" provision for their citizens. The devices have not been safety-tested by Underwriters Laboratory and thus lack the UL approval customary for most electronics.[2] Further, power customers are typically told by their utilities that the smart meter only communicates with the power company “a few times per day” to transmit information on individual household energy usage. However, when individuals obtained the necessary equipment to do their own testing they found the meters were emitting bursts of RF radiation throughout the home far more intense than a cell phone call every minute or less.[3]

Video: The Dangers Of Cell Phone Radiation - The Evidence

The dangers of cell phone radiation has been a hot topic of discussion for quite some time and the evidence just keeps on growing.  I heard an researcher on a radio show some time back claim that there haven't been ANY studies that show cell phones to be safe.   This video will bring you up to speed on the shocking reality of yet another technology that has been known to be dangerous to our health yet proliferated throughout our society anyway.

The Dangers of Cell Phones and Microwave Technology - Especially to Our Children

From the May 2008 Idaho Observer:

Science from the ‘40s to present has demonstrated conclusively the harmful effects of microwave radiation—the platform upon which the entire wireless universe—cell phones, text messaging, WiFi, WiMax and RFID—is built. Yet the wireless network is expanding, with the approval of government "as fast as it can." With virtually zero regulatory oversight, the nation and all the people, plants and animals in it, are bathing in microwave radiation so we can talk, Internet surf, email, text message and play online games wherever and whenever we want. The biophysical effects of enveloping our world in harmful radiation are becoming apparent. What happened to us? How could our desire for wireless convenience so totally suspend our innate survival instincts that we would ignore well-established science plus common sense and finance conditions on this planet that portend our slow and painful deaths without dignity? More embarrassingly, what happened to us that we would so readily allow our children to suffer wireless addiction, sealing their fates to short, sickly, neurologically-impaired lives? The answer lies in the recurring theme in this month’s edition of The IO: Education. As a culture, we are taught to accept a foundational matrix of LIES as "facts"—for generations—since birth. Within this matrix, we grow up morally relativistic and believe that the only past and futures that matter are connected to how we feel in the present. The dishonor this mindset does to our forebearers is shameful; the disservice we are doing to future generations is unprecedented in the history of mankind.
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