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Cashless Society: India Implements First Biometric ID Program for all of its 1.2 Billion Residents

Editors Note:  For those of you who are quick to call anything like this nothing but a conspiracy theory . . . well, what do you have to say now?  The technology for this level of control exists NOW.  This crap IS HAPPENING NOW!!

If we allow this to happen in our country, the psychopathic criminal global banking cartels will have us all by the short hairs.  With the flick of a switch, you have no access to your money.  You won't be able to buy food, pay your bills. You'll be dead in the water, utterly at the mercy of these parasites.  This will be the ultimate control system.

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By Brandon Turbeville
Activist Post
January 12, 2012

Over the past few months, I have written several articles dealing with the coming cashless society and the developing technological control grid. I also have written about the surge of government attempts to gain access to and force the use of biometric data for the purposes of identification, tracking, tracing, and surveillance.

Unfortunately, the reactions I receive from the general public are almost always the same. While some recognize the danger, most simply deny that governments have the capability or even the desire to create a system in which the population is constantly monitored by virtue of their most private and even biological information. Others, either gripped by apathy or ignorance, cannot believe that the gadgets given to them from the massive tech corporations are designed for anything other than their entertainment and enjoyment.

However, current events in India should serve not just as a warning, but also as a foreshadowing of the events to come in the Western world, specifically the United States.

Any North Koreans Found Not To Have Cried Hysterically At Kim Jong-Il’s Passing May Spend 6 Months In A Labor Camp

This is what people look like when they have experienced decades without liberty.  This is how far it can go when total psychopathic control freaks control your country.

Zero Hedge
January 11, 2012

Well, it is a slow news day, so we focus on the patently absurd, such as this news out of Interfax confirming that The Onion can now close up shop as reality is far, far better. From Interfax: “North Korean citizens, who did not take part in the mourning ceremonies for the country’s late Leader Kim Jong-il, are facing up to six months in labor camps, Interfax reported January 11.

According to the South Korean media sources, “People’s Courts” took place all over the country starting December 29 to condemn those who did not show enough emotion after the death of “the great leader” Kim Jong-il. The People’s Court hearings were reportedly over by January 8. The behavior of those people, who criticized the three-generation principle of ruling the country, was also a matter of discussion during the court meetings. It was reported earlier that 2012 calendars were fully taken out of stores because the date of death of the late Leader Kim Jong-il was not marked in them.” That said, we doubt anyone will punish the capital markets for crying hysterically should Bernanke’s printer finally kicks the ghost.

More brainwashed theater below – the guy at 1:23 minutes in however is sure to get an extra portion of rice for his performance:

Another Tyrannical Success for TRAITOR Lieberman: Enemy Expatriation Act Now Under NDAA

Editor's Note: Senator Joe Lieberman should be the very first person we apply every traitorous law he has concocted to unleash unbridled tyranny on the American people. 

He's is an absolute enemy of our nation, a Zionist traitor of the highest order.  This man is working for foreign interests to utterly destroy our nation from within!  He needs to be arrested and have every single atrocity he has legislated against us applied to him!

We all must remember YOU CANNOT LEGALIZE TYRANNY!  You cannot pass a law that violates our unalienable rights, that violates the highest law of the land, the Constitution.  Any such law is null and void from it's inception!  

Another example of the this traitors allegiance can be found in his outrageous bill that would
allow Israel to draft U.S. citizens direclty into the IDF!!

* * * * * *

By Eric Blair
Activist Post

January 6, 2012

Last January, four-term senator Joe Lieberman (I-CT) announced that he would not seek reelection in the upcoming 2012 elections.  This seems to have relieved any pressure of facing his constituency for approval, allowing him to push for some of the most draconian legislation in the history of the United States.  Or, perhaps, he is just auditioning for a more powerful position like Secretary of Defense or Secretary of the DHS.

Besides his renewed pressure on Google and Twitter to openly censor the Internet, Lieberman’s desire to crush all dissent against the war machine has manifested in bills like his Enemy Belligerent Act, his Internet Kill Switch bill, and the recently introduced Enemy Expatriation Act.

Unfortunately, the most egregious parts of the above mentioned bills already found their way into law under the recently passed National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) which seemingly renders any further discussion of these bills as somewhat redundant, but they certainly won’t be critically discussed in the corporate media.

The Enemy Belligerent Act grants “the president the power to order the arrest, interrogation, and imprisonment of anyone — including a U.S. citizen — indefinitely, on the sole suspicion that he or she is affiliated with terrorism, and on the president’s sole authority as commander in chief.”

Myth Busted: YES, the NDAA Does Apply To Americans, And Here's The Text That Says So

By Mike Adams
Natural News
January 2, 2012

In the aftermath of the signing of the NDAA by the traitorous President Obama, some citizens remain completely hoodwinked by the language of the bill, running around the internet screaming that the law “does not apply to American citizens.”

This is, naturally, part of the side effect of having such a dumbed-down education system where people can’t even parse the English language anymore. If you read the bill and understand what it says, it clearly offers absolutely no protections of U.S. citizens. In fact, it affirms that Americans are subjected to indefinite detainment under “existing authorities.”

Let’s parse it intelligently, shall we?

First off, the offending section of the bill that used to be called 1031 was moved to 1021. Here is the title:



The two relevant sections to consider are titled and stated as follows;

Obama’s NDAA Signing Statement Is Meaningless

Administration itself demanded power to detain American citizens without trial

By Paul Joseph Watson & Alex Jones
January 2, 2012

Obamas NDAA Signing Statement Is Meaningless

Barack Obama’s signing statement that was added to the passage of the NDAA bill in an effort to dampen concerns over the ‘indefinite detention’ provision of the bill is smoke and mirrors for a number of reasons – prime amongst them the fact that it was the White House itself – not lawmakers – who demanded Section 1031 be expanded to empower the government to detain U.S. citizens without trial.

On first reading, Obama’s signing statement appears to assuage fears that American citizens could be targeted for arrest and detention without trial.

“My administration will not authorize the indefinite military detention without trial of American citizens … Indeed, I believe that doing so would break with our most important traditions and values as a nation,” wrote Obama.

However, the statement is meaningless for a number of reasons.

Firstly, even if Obama manages to fulfil one of the rare occasions on which he keeps his word, this does nothing to stop future administrations from exercising the power to indefinitely detain American citizens without trial.

Secondly, the Obama administration is already carrying out even more egregious measures than those supposedly authorized within the NDAA, by targeting American citizens worldwide for state-sponsored assassination with no legal process whatsoever.

Ron Paul Calls National Defense Authorization Act “Slip Into Tyranny”

New American

January 1, 2012

“A dictator enjoys unrestrained power over the people. The legislative and judicial branches voluntarily cede this power or it’s taken by force. Most of the time, it’s given up easily, out of fear in time of war and civil disturbances, and with support from the people, although the dictator will also accumulate more power with the use of force.” Those prescient words of Republican presidential candidate Congressman Ron Paul (R-Texas) are taken from his book Liberty Defined: 50 Essential Issues That Affect Our Freedom. The tyrannical assumption of power by the President and the cession of unheralded power to him by the Congress has taken place precisely as Dr. Paul warned.

The National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) is an unprecedented, unconstitutional, and unchecked grant of dictatorial power to the President in the name of protecting the security of “the homeland.” Ron Paul described the bill (soon to be signed into law by the President) as a “slip into tyranny,” one that will almost certainly accelerate “our descent into totalitarianism.”

What of the NDAA? Are there indeed provisions contained therein that so ferociously tear at the constitutional fabric of our Republic?

In a word — yes.

Video: USA Land Of The FREE Jails One In 100 American Adults

America has 2.3 million people in prison -- more than any other country. More than one in 100 adults are in jail. No society in history has imprisoned more of its citizens. 1 in 9 black men aged between 20 and 34 is behind bars. There are more 17-year-old black American males in jail than in college. Ameriacan has five percent of the world's population but 25% of its prisoners. And prison labour is now a huge industry, producing an enormous range of goods, not least for the US military. It is in effect a revival of the slave trade.

Britain can't compete but is no slouch either, locking up more of its population -- 148 per 100,000 -- than any other European country, and more than China, India or Turkey.

USA Land Of The FREE
Jails One In 100 American Adults

Video: McCain/Lieberman Bill to Lock Up U.S. Citizens For LIFE!

Traitor Sen. John McCain, and Treasonous Sen. Joe Lieberman who lost his own Democratic primary last time around, but got installed with Jewish money from outside his state and Elections that were hi-jacked, propose a law So completely
unconstitutional, that it reveals the Truth about McCain and Liberman. They are complete TRAITORS to the Constitution.

The Bill is called: The Enemy Belligerent, Interrogation, Detention, and Prosecution Act of 2010," introduced by Sens. John McCain and Joseph Lieberman - - - it just does away with courts and evidence completely if some jerk in the Military says you are a High value terrist Suspect. YOUR GONE.

At least the Nazis did not make it apply to everyone, just Jews, anti-hitler types, gypies, and mentally retarded.

This Law basically eradicates the Constitution Bill of Rights. If this passes, the Supremes should find it Unconstitutional. BUT who know. Brace yourself !

Lawlessness And Injustice Define America And Israel

By Stephen Lendman

Rogue state lawlessness and contempt for humanity define both nations.
At home, America is plagued by police state laws, contempt for human and civil rights, out-of-control corruption, banker occupation, corporate control of Washington, record budget and national debt levels, as well as depression-sized unemployment, poverty, homelessness, hunger and despair.
Abroad, America wages permanent wars on humanity, killing millions for wealth, power, and unchallengeable global dominance at the expense of suffering billions.
The rancid stench of Washington's war on the world permeates everywhere, threatening human and environmental survival.
It's no better in Israel, a nation believing only Jews have rights, and increasingly less of them under neoliberalized harshness, favoring the few at the expense of most others.
Like America and other Western states, Israeli policies disproportionately favor the rich. Since at least the mid-1980s, they've caused extreme wealth disparities, unemployment, poverty, hunger, homelessness and gradual loss of social benefits, heading toward ending them entirely.
Israelis finally reacted, protesting for weeks about unaffordable housing, high food and energy prices, onerous taxes on working households, lack of free education and better healthcare benefits, weak labor rights, and a nation no longer fit to live in for Jews.

There Are More Slaves Today Than At Any Point In Human History

Washington’s Blog

More Slaves Today Than Ever Before In History

You would assume that – as messed up as things may be today – at least there is not widespread slavery, as in ancient Egypt or the American south.

But as Time Magazine noted last year:

Despite more than a dozen international conventions banning slavery in the past 150 years, there are more slaves today than at any point in human history. Slaves are those forced to perform services for no pay beyond subsistence and for the profit of others who hold them through fraud and violence. While most are held in debt bondage in the poorest regions of South Asia, some are trafficked in the midst of thriving development.

To help fight slavery, read this and – more importantly - get involved here.

And given that there are some who would like to put all of us in debt peonage, we should stand up for freedom and justice whenever and wherever you can.

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