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Our email newsletter is published about once a month.  The newsletter includes an op-ed by Bruce McDonald, the founder of the KTAO Project, links to about a dozen of the most important current news stories, a nice selection of important video clips and video features that we think you will be interested in.   We basically scour the stories and videos and provide a concise listing so you don't have to.  Most of our subscribers love the fact that they can get the most important news summed up easily every month with one newsletter.

How to find things on this web site
As you no doubt can tell, there's a tremendous amount of information on this web site.  The idea of the site was to provide you with a one-stop-shop for all the most current and relevant information of what's "really" going on all around us and more importantly to provide you with information on what we can do about it.

The main navigation for the web site can be found along the left hand column.  It will appear on every page of the site.  Just scroll down it's length and you will find ways to access everything on the site.  The most important information with have BOLD RED HEADINGS like:

We put a few BIG links in the center near the top of the home page to make it easy to jump to all the main site links listed farther down on the home page.  Use them to quickly jump down the home page to the Main Site Directory where you'll find all the info about this project or down to the Latest News or the Free Video Library. 

Click the MAIN SITE DIRECTORY link circled above
and it pops you down the home page to . . .

Or click the LATEST NEWS link
and it pops you down to home page to . . .

Or click the FREE VIDEO LIBRARY  link
and it pops you down to home page to . . .


Down quite a bit on the left column you'll find a list of Topics.  The stories and videos on this site are broken down into over 100 topics so you can find stories related to your topic of interest more easily.   Each topic will have a number next to it which indicates how many stories are in that particular topic.  


We have a very powerful search engine.  There is a search box in the left hand column near the top of the page.  It's always available in the upper left hand column.  Just type in a few of the key words related to what you're looking for and most of the time you'll find what you're looking for in the first search.

We also have an "Advanced Search" function you can access by clicking on the "Advanced Search" text link at the top of every page.


Another great feature of the site is the Story Archives.  You can find it by clicking on the text link at the top of the site.  

The story archives allows you to search through all the stories on the site by date and topic.

You can filter the available stories by topic by simply selecting the topic you're interested in from the drop down menu.  Select your topic and you'll see the number of stories related to that topic listed next to each month. 

    For example: Topic: Banking & the Fed: July (23)
                This shows in July there were 23 stories posted on that topic

Click on the month you wish to view and you'll see a complete list of stories posted on that top that month.

You can filter again within the month you're viewing by simply selecting another topic from the drop down menu.  You'll then see every story posted that month in the new topic you've chosen.  We've also titled each story so you can quickly see if it's a video, a audio or an article.

If there is something you are still having trouble with please let us know so we can add instructions to this page.  It may be an issue for other people as well.

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